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Scooter Show n Shine - AME

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by VintageGirl, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. The company that runs the Australian Motorcycle Expo & also the Le Minz 24 hr Scooterthon are running the Australian Scooter Festival (ASF) as part of this years AME.

    They are currently seeking scooters to enter in the Scooter Show n Shine competition. October 6th - 8th.

    It is free entry with best paint & best overall categories and a cash prize.

    Two Wheels Scooter Magazine & My Scooter Insurance will be presenting the Scooter division of the Show 'n' Shine.

    Southern Cross Promotions will provide 24 hour security for all bikes on display (they must remain within the expo from when moved in to official move out time).

    Soooo - If you are interested in entering or perhaps know of a scooter owner who may be interested please contact SCP on scpromotions@optusnet.com.au or 03 9734 1685.

    This is a great opportunity to show off your scooter and also get free entry into the expo!!!

    Cheers! :grin:
  2. I would love to enter, there is just one problem... I don't own a scoot, sorry. :)
  3. ....then why waste bandwidth replying at all?
    Probably a frustrated H-D rider.....loud exhaust to replace small willy
  4. I was harried and hassled by one of those tonight. Despite having
    130dB and more than 1400cc, he couldn't get past the 250 scooter
    I was on. What a loser.

    Mind you, I do know some good, decent, nice, sensible, fun
    larrikin but not obnoxious, Harley riders.