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Scooter Servicing

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by skewt75, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. Hi to all
    Was just wondering what is a fair price for a 1000km service for a 125cc scooter?

  2. depends on the scooter, what needs doing to it and where you go to have it done.

    If its just a basic oil change and checkover, probably $100-150 is an amount i would consider reasonable, however it depends on the cost of parts and what extra work might be done.

    The 1500km service we had done on our vespa 150cc was considerably more than that, however i think that was mainly due to the dealer rather than anything else.
  3. general service will be $100 - $150, though if they check valve clearences its more like $250 - $300
  4. just ask your dealer/mechanic what it is likely to be for a first service. Anything over about 200, i'd be asking what exactly they plan on doing.
  5. The place I go to in Melbourne charges around $80 for a minor service and $225 for a major service. All makes and models of scooters.

    http://www.scooterservicing.com/ they're located on City Road in Southbank
  6. I'm just as cautious about places that charge very little. $80 for a "minor" service is very low price. For 80 they could do no more than literally drop the oil out and pour some more in. Perhaps that is the price they charge to people who have bought scoots off them?