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Scooter Servicing

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by MickE, Nov 19, 2006.

  1. Hello All,

    I was just wondering if anybody can help me out on the subject of Scooter Servicing. I have just puchased a Bolwell (SYM) SD200 scooter covered by a 2 year factory warranty. I have had the first service as recommended at 1000ks. The next service is due at 2500ks. The servicing manual says that it is recommended that the scooter be serviced every 2500ks thereafter. This seems a little excessive to me and would cause the bike no harm to service it every 5000ks after the 2500ks service with maybe a oil change done by myself in between (provided there are no problems requiring attention). Does anybody know if this would risk voiding my warranty? Has anyone had any bad experiences with their warranties after not following the book to the letter in the first two years?

    Any thoughts?


    Mick E.

  2. Hi there Mick

    My suggestion is for the remainder of the warranty period you should stick to the manufacturers service times.

    You dont want to get 1yr down the track and have a claim rejected because you havent had the the serviced when your meant to.

    Servicing of vehicles generally doesnt have to be done at the manufacturer, normally just by any licensed mechanic.

    You are quite right, 2,500km intervals is rediculous. It might be too late for you but perhaps this can serve as a warning to other people to consider service intervals when looking at new scoots (or bikes for that matter). My Aprilia Sportcity had 6,000km intervals after the first 1,000.

    PS - just thought of this, its a long shot but might be worth a try. Why not send a letter to the head office of Bolwell in Australia and ask if you skip the intermediate services will it void your warranty. I'm sure they'll reply saying yes it will, but its worth a try. If they say thats fine then just skip those services and make sure you keep a copy of their response!
  3. What about "user maintenance" routines (oils, filter, etc)?