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Scooter Service

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by kiss_the_future, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. Im posting on behalf of my security guard at work, so i better produce some good info..lol

    Basically he has a scooter...a bowell if i recall correctly and just wants to get it serviced without paying a bucket load. He got a quote from scooter city on elizabeth st, $400 plus dollars worth.

    So im just after some advice on decent places that do a good job and dont charge the earth. He lives in essendon, but works in the city..so any suggestions in those areas would be helpful.

  2. That scooter place is near oxford st rite. there very good
  3. $400+ for a service? Do they have to replace the engine????
    A service should be less than $100
    For a regular service, they should just be checking, adjusting and cleaning.
  4. agreed braddo

    up to $140 seems about normal.
  5. I used to have a Bolwell Jolie and the first service was $140. They said future services would be less. So $400 is pulling the piss mate.
  6. servicing a scooter is easy as. Just change the engine and gearbox oil at the required intervals, fuel and oil filters and spark plug. The cvt belt should see some decent mileage before replacement as well as valve clearances. Maybe if you take your scooter for servicing at 5000km or so intervals, and do the easy stuff yourself in between!
  7. mine is $150 at bikebiz + parts. No idea what parts im going to have to buy lol
  8. $400+ does sound a bit steep a service - what exactly are they doing for that much?

    The most I've paid was $288 for the 12000km service on my X9 250 (drive belt, oil+filter, spark plug), with $165 of that being for the belt itself, but typically services shouldn't set you back more than $200 including parts.
  9. I have just paid $135 for a 300k and 1000k combined service on my Bolwell euro mx150 from a country dealership, so its a big case of WHAT THE?!??! :shock: :cool:
  10. It depends what needs doing if they are replacing rollers and belt - yeah $400 is almost what it costs... I paid $421 for mine (bolwell LeGrande) and it felt a world difference when it came back... (better speed etc..)

  11. i got my first 1000kms service for $70-

    they just checked everything, changed the trans oil, as the 2 stroke oil is seperate and always being used they dont change that.

    also washed it!!!
  12. Ssshhh Mr Sikma!

    Those eastern staters pay a LOT more for services, don't let the mechanics know here.
  13. Hey BYFT, how many kays did you have up before they changed the rollers and belt on your scooter?
  14. I also have a Bolwell, and my 1st service was $135, this was also thru Scootercity on Elizabeth St (actually Yamaha City Service centre), so unless he needs some major parts I'd be inclined to question the quote
  15. servicing costs

    I'm far from impressed with the service from BikeBiz too. Does >$450 sound a little too much for a service and $250 too much to fix a flat tyre?

    Stay away from these guys. Their service isn't that good anyway. There are still things to be done on the bike after the costly "servicing" but I'm not taking it back. Heaven forbid they didn't do it right the first time
  16. :shock: :shock: Scooter is in for a service?? :shock: :shock:

    I didn't know he was unwell :LOL: