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Scooter Service - Are you being taken for a ride.

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by ADC, May 20, 2005.

  1. With scooters becoming more and more popular at the moment, I have noticed a number of new scooter shops popping up around Sydney. Will this trend last? lets wait and see. The point I would like to make is this, are these new, and some established scooter shops qualified to service and repair your old Vespa or Lambretta? True, their service department may be capable of looking after a chinese twist and go machine that has a 100 km on the clock, but when it comes down to it the workings of a classic from Italy it just may be a little more difficult to 'get right'.

    I guess it boils down to trial and error, but that tends to drain your hip pocket and most of all your time. To be honest I am yet to find that traditional Vespa mechanic in Sydney. Someone who shares my passion and desire to make things right. I have tried a couple of the so called better Vespa mechanics in Sydney, but to me they did not come up to scratch. Great to change the gear box oil and change the plug, but nothing much else (yes I do service my own scooter, at least the basics).

    Now I head south west to Canberra if anything major needs doing on my Vespa, yes it is a pain, a 3 hour drive with trailer, but at least I know the owner shares the same passion I do, and does not charge inflated Sydney labour prices.

    Would like to hear from people who might share the same thoughts, or have a service centre they could recommend. I just hate people who think they can take you for a ride (sorry) because scooters are the new thing. My advice, don't trust everyone because they sell scooters, ask questions, and ask about qualifications. For all you know the person servicing your pride and joy could be an expert on lawn mowers.

  2. I too have often wondered if I was being ripped off.... I've decided that the next scoot I get will not be new... and will most likely be out of warranty so I'm going to self service as much as possible. The prices for service (and I'm talking basics here) is outrageous. I've been quoted $200 for a basic service and when I asked why they started crappin' on about how it takes so long to get into the motor, etc etc.

    I won't self service at the moment because i don't want to void the warranty on this scoot... as I want to sell before warranty drops out...

    But in answer to your musings... I do wonder about some of the mechs out there... here in melb we are a little lucky in having some VERY dedicated scooter fanatics having opened up shops over the years.. (Vespa house, Scooter market to name two!)
  3. Used to work with a bloke who rode an old Vespa. Did all the work on it himself. He wasn't the sharpest pencil in the pack, so it can't be too difficult....

    He got in buddy-buddy with a parts dealer and got pretty good prices. He was also planning on doing a full custom paintjob on it, so he had all the spare body work in unpainted form. Looked bizzarre to see an off white vespa with not a lick of paint on it.

    Unfortunately I fired him (he was a Neo-Nazi after all) before I got to see what he did with it... :D

    Does anyone know a Neo-nazi scooter rider from the Newcastle (NSW) area???
  4. Yeh! he's the guy I see of a morning riding to work on the vespa with side car and machine gun stuck to it. He never seems to get cut off in traffic.
  5. *LOL* aren't all vespa riders ..... OH maybe I shouldn't go there... (just a joke vespa riders...) I now have images of Neo nazi, vesp riding people kicking me as i scoot past them going through my head... maybe I should be careful going home tonight.....
  6. Darn!! My old neighbour.. he is a bike, car, disel, truck, and schooter mechanic!! and he restores houses!! but to the point.. this bloke was MAD about old Italian schooters and had a stack of them. Unfortunately he moved out and went to live and work in Italy... as a mechanic...
  7. Lucky bugger!!! :p
  8. If the scooter is a classic Italian scooter pre 1970 Vespa etc they are dead easy to work on. I love them and when I was at uni girls always wants a ride on them aka mistic Roman holiday.

    2 stroke motor, no harder than doing the rings on a lawnmover.

    90% of the scooter reco motors comes from India or Indonesia so parts are cheap.
  9. I got a basic service done for my 2003 TGB Voodoo 125cc for $140 here on the Central Coast of NSW and was quoted around $320 for a full on service (eek!) as in the full service they told me that more plastic had to be taken off or something.
    I also buy the Scooter magazine which I'm sure I found a Vespa specialist (who originally came from America) who had set up a shop in Sydney. The ones I came up with on YellowPages search are:
    Moda Scooter in Darlinghurst
    Scooteria in Annandale
    Scooter Central in Brookvale
    Vmoto City Scooter in Darlinghurst
    Gasoline Australia in Taylor Square
    The Moda one sounds like the one I was thinking of but I couldn't be sure exactly as I didn't buy my scooter from Sydney (bought from Scootoz, Gosford, NSW) and don't service it there either.
    Luckily so far I haven't needed new parts for anything. I am about to hit 10,000kms and apparently will need a full service at 12,000km. Only problem I ever had was some complete idiots putting superglue into my ignition and luckily it was cheap stuff or else I'd have to had fork out a bit of money for a new ignition.
  10. The Scooter shop you are thinking about is called The Hive Motor Scooters. The guy that runs the store's name is Nathan. They don't seem to be too bad, but I would ask Nathan to work on your Scooter, not his help. Gasoline or Vesbar not sure what they are called now, sell Vespa's from Asia, advertised as 90% new. This is a mystery to me as my scooter then would be 50% new (some new parts), but I still call it 22 years old.
  11. I was quoted $65 by Show and Go for the first (500K) service on my twist and go Bolwell. City Scootz is closer and they quoted $45 - $50 if I was supplying my own 2 stroke oil, so the choice is simple!

    I was told the crucial thing on the first service was replacement of the transmission fluid, so hopefully being 500K overdue hasn't given all the grunge and shavings and crap the chance to do any damage.

    Next time I'm there I'll ask what prices they charge for a service (and a service and tune) on a twist and go or a geared scooter and post the answer here for any other South Aussies!
  12. But a couple of litres of good 2-stroke oil will be around $10-$15 so it appears to be roughly the same price to me?
  13. Hi Mouth

    Show and Go don't include the oil in their price.
  14. Wow .. so is this standard when servicing a scooter. Tehy need an oil chnage but the service centre's don't include oil in their quote for service? Yikes .. any bike shops I visit or hear about that start behaving like that will get a smathering!
  15. The oil I'm talking about is 2 stroke oil. If you have a 4 stroke I'd assume they'd include the oil, same as on a car service.
  16. Yeah, I understand the oil difference but why does it matter? Surely they have 2-stroke oil in stock and just include it in the service price?
  17. OK. Let me start again...

    Show and Go quoted $65.... If you want them to top up the 2 stroke oil it's extra.

    City Skootz $65, but if you do your own 2 stroke oil top-ups then they just charge $45 to $50.

    Hope that's clearer! :)
  18. Ahhh, gotcha now. Thanks :)
  19. Not that i have bothered to stop into City Scootz and check them out, remember the boys at Show and Go have a pretty decent reputation for doing things right. I know quite a few people who get their work done there.

    On the topic of 2-stroke oil, how hard can it be to top up? I'd would presume like most modern 2 strokes ive seen its a seperate oil reseviour that needs to be uncapped, filled to the Max or Fill line, and re-capped. Do people really need this to be checked when getting a service
  20. Hiya Fluffy Bunny Feet

    You'd think it should be a fairly simple thing to check huh? To be honest when Show & Go quoted me the price I just assumed the 2 stroke oil was a separate issue.