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Scooter riders... do they have superhuman powers

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by browny, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. Just got back from the Gold Coast yesterday... had a good couple of days up there.
    Now I'm familiar with the law up there in QLD that you don't need a bike license to ride a scooter... just a car license will suffice.
    I saw a least 100 scooters being ridden around ( a lot of these are the ones you can hire up there).
    Maybe 5% had ATT (All The Gear) the other 95% were into it in singlets, shorts and thongs!! THONGS WTF!?! :facepalm: :shock:
    Are they immune to losing skin? broken bones? can they grow their feet back??

    And guys.... half of them couldn't ride either.... i had a couple cut me off at times (I was in a hire car)... before a set of lights and then brake heavily and get the death wobbles happening (with a pilion!!). Just had to shake my head really.... then had the ones up my ass... who nearly hit me as they had no idea how to use brakes

    Oh yeah... and about half were FLYING.

    Don't know if it is just me but I find myself looking at every bike and gauging how they ride ( i guess we all do.. we do it to cars all the time as well).

    well the scooters are a menace!!! to everyone up there!!!
  2. Have you been watching too much Heroes? :wink:

    I know what you mean though, I guess some people just don't think they need any gear...
  3. Most non-riders would say the same about bike riders, regardless of city.

    This is not to discount your concerns, browny. The safety and 'scooters/riders/drivers/cyclists are a menace' topics have been discussed so much on NR that I get pretty blasé. In the end it's their choice and I reckon the best way to get the message through is early intervention and education.

    Not to mention driving/riding defensively and/or proactively to get out of the way of a road user who looks like they're going to put you at risk.
  4. I wonder how many of 'em were tourists from Sydney and Melbourne??? :wink:
  5. Welcome to QLD Matt.

    What do you think it seems like over here in Hawaii, where they have an optional helmet rule. The scooter riders and R1, GSXR1000 etc etc riders all wear the gear you described, AND no helmet!
  6. Scooters and no gear

    I'm a scooter rider (200cc Aprilia Sportcity) from Melbourne and was recently in Brisbane for the weekend. I was also horrified at the number of riders I saw up there (bikes as well as scooters) wearing shorts, singlets and yes (!!) thongs. I wouldn't dream of riding without full protection. OK, so it's hot (yesterday was 37 here) but I'd rather be hot, than hot and also lying on the road less half my skin, muscle and bone. I also tend to give these riders a wide berth, as I figure if you haven't got the brains to dress properly then you quite likely haven't got the brains to ride properly. And the people not dressed properly are the ones I notice going through red lights, cutting people off etc etc. I certainly don't plan to come off my bike, but if I do I will hit the ground just as hard as anyone else and I don't want to come off thinking "oh shit, why didn't I wear protection"
  7. Ha you should have seen us in Bermuda! Riding little 50cc scooters through a bloody cyclone, hanging off the side so we wouldn't get blown off the causeway :shock: I was the only bloke out of 25 who had shoes and long pants on oh and I was the only one sober, well not 0.00 but under 0.10. :shock: :shock:

    Oh by the way I am a ATTGAT type of person normally, but when you are on holidays

    They call it is a bermuda suntan not gravel rash over there! :LOL:
  8. Ah yes, scooter riders on the Gold Coast.

    Here's an old news article from earlier on this year about the subject.

    Police blast scooter chaos

    SCOOTER riders are causing traffic chaos by tailgating, running red lights and riding four abreast, Gold Coast traffic police say.

    National annual scooter sales have more than tripled in three years, with industry experts attributing the rise to fuel economy, easier parking and price, which can be as little as $3000.
    Queensland has become home to more than 20,000 scooter and moped riders, most with no experience of riding fast on two wheels.

    Yet they ignore helmet laws and the need for protective clothing.

    Hospitals have reported a jump in injuries from scooter crashes.

    "It's a huge problem – there's been a dramatic increase in them on the roads," said Acting Inspector Paul Biggen, the Gold Coast regional traffic co-ordinator.

    "They think they are exempt from the road rules."

    He said police would target dangerous scooter drivers along the tourist strip.

    "People can hire them, ride them, without a motorcycle licence. You just need a driver's licence. But basically, they are a motorbike. They require the same balance and cornering.

    "They don't wear leather jackets (like motorcyclists). They crash and they get burns from the bitumen, which are horrific. They have massive burns from the ankles up to the hip bones from being ground into the road."

    An emergency specialist at the Gold Coast Hospital said staff were becoming concerned at the rising number of scooter-related injuries.

    A young male rider was treated for head injuries at the hospital last weekend after he crashed at the busy Ross St and Nerang-Broadbeach Rd intersection at Carrara.

    "It's important (riders) wear helmets and protective clothing," the specialist said. "With high-speed motorbikes, the injuries are more dangerous, but these scooters are bringing people in."

    The State Government is considering a crackdown, with Queensland Transport finalising stricter licensing on scooters.

    Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries figures show the scooter part of the national bike market reached 14,505 last year – up 43 per cent.

    By Paul Weston
    February 03, 2007 11:00pm
  9. on Rarotonga, cook islands, no helmets. admittedly the speed limit for the whole island is 60km/h. felt really strange riding these 80cc 100cc "bikes" at 60 with thongs Hawaiian shirts shorts and a cap. i figure i go faster on my bicycle and i wear the same... and the traffic over there is somewhat less than here. no roads wider than one lane each way. in the "city" its a divided road again one lane each way.
  10. eh, it's schoolies time in Queensland. If you have just left school, you are immortal. No need for protection.
  11. Browny,

    I wonder how this affects you?

    Thats right mate, it dont make no difference to you, so why worry?

    And besides, open shirts and shorts works for 200 million Indonesian's, so how can it be wrong? :)

    I hereby propose that the following threads be banned because they come up every second day and they are pointless;

    1. OMG I saw a scooter rider without all the appropriate protective clothing.
    2. What insurance should i get?
    3. Whats the deal with lane splitting?
    4. Whats the fastest 250?

  12. I agree Duffman, people should learn to use the search function :wink:
    But regarding your question.... It affects me as at the time if one of these little pricks hit my hire car or went down in front of me ornear me I would be required to stop and get their details and get pissed off (if they hit me) or render assitance if they were injured as I would and have for any vehicle accident.
    And I'm not really worried Ithink maybe thats the wrong word. I'm just expressing my thoughts on a public forum to encourage dialogue and maybe someone will read it and peoples responses and think... shit i better wear some gear!! At the least some bloody shoes and a helmet :shock:

  13. No helmet? They gonna hit their shoulders first? :shock: