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Scooter Rider wearing Bicycle Helmet?!?!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by CodeBlueChick, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. Did I miss something in the passing of the laws for stack hats to become legal for scooter riders? I was in Cheltenham today doing someshopping when I see this guy in shorts and a t-shirt with a fluoro "Kmart" over vest hop on his scooter, adjust his sunnies and ride away towards Southland with a bicycle helmet on....erm..since when is that right? :shock: :eek:

  2. Bet the next time you see him he'll be on a hospital trolley!
  3. some people just happen to be able to get away with different things.
    it will only be a matter of time before he gets caught or he will find out the hard way the reason why he needs a proper helment.
  4. stuff the hospital trolly it more likly to be the morge
  5. Yeah it is his funeral, surely he knows the laws. Otherwise where did he do his pre-learners course. :)
  6. Not sure of the reasoning behind "he'll find himself in the morge" and "it's his funeral"??

    Many scooters are only capable of 60kmh, which puts their top speed way below that of my pushy, yet I can legally ride my pushy with a 'bicycle' helmet. Why shouldn't riders of these low powered scooters be able to wear bicycle helmets I say? In some states you don't even need a motorcycle licence to ride them.
    If the helmet is safe enough according to Aus Std's to protect my head on the road on my pushy, why not a low powered scooter that is capable of less speed?
  7. that's exactly the problem, a pushie helmet is designed to be strong enough for you to bang your head on the pavement at low speed (20k/h, which i've done) and self destruct. (i put a massive crack through a helmet just by falling over the handlebars and smacking my head on the concrete. A bike helmet was never designed to be goo protection at 60k/h if you have a big off, and the chances of it happening on the road on a motorbike are much higher and you're more likely to be hit by other vehicles etc in the process, hitting your head more than once. If you're doing 60k/h on a pushie you really should be wearing at least a full face downhill helmet.

    But in your defence re: the australian standard helmet for your pushie, there's no good reason why it will be any worse on the sscooter than the pushie in the same accident, so fair enough.
  8. Yes, the problem isn't that the pushie helmet is good enough for your pushie at 60kph... the problem is that it isn't good enough... on the scooter _or_ your pushie :)
  9. Haha must have been the funniest sight...what a cack. :grin:

    Guess everyone decides to take their own risks in life.

  10. I've seen scooter riders with stackhats on before
    i remain unsuprised.

    for some reason, SOME scooterists (not all of you) seem to think that falling off a scooter at 60kph is less dangerous than falling off a motorbike at 60kph.
  11. good thing then that most impact speeds are a lot less than 60km/h! :p
  12. Before everyone lays this bloke out on a slab and starts the last rites a quick heads up. :grin:

    There are some "electric pushbikes" that look a lot like chinese scooters. These are restricted to 20watts output and have a top speed of 20kmh. They are also regarded as bicycles by the law so if this is the case then that's cool.

    If not he was a wally. :roll:
  13. Yes, that's right. You should always adjust your sunnies to make sure they're comfortable before you ride.
  14. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    You safety nazi's crack me up some times. I can easily hit 60 km/hr on my road bike with only a slight down hill run. I have yet to have my head instantly explode in a small fireball.

    Seems like the professional cyclists who do thousands of km per year are fools for not wearing a full face down hillers helmet. :roll:

    By the way I have come off at about 35 and whacked my head real hard. Helmet split in half, and I saw some stars. Did a pretty good job I thought and I was most happy with it.

    I have also crashed my motorbike at 60 plus kays an hour and only barley scratched the chin piece of my helmet.
  15. Well as someone who used to race downhill and cross country mountain bikes wearing a full face helmet on XC is not an option. But on downhill were you are doing 6-70kmh plus over jumps, logs, sharp rocks etc then it is pretty much standard these days and i started wearing one when bell made a bicycle specific helmet.

    I have seen a few face plants at that speed and I would never race without one but I will go for a blast on my own with just a normal helmet. Oh and i used to wear Dianese body armour as well.

    Full face helmets on the road are not neccesary for a pushbike.
  16. Its always possible that this guys normal helmet had been stolen and he thought "well i've got this bicycle helmet, i suppose its better than nothing until i can get a new one."
  17. .......which therefor must be more dangerous than falling off my pushy at 60kmh :?

    I have come off my road bike at 70kmh and didn't crack my helmet after a couple of tumble rolls on the bitumen, head was well intact, knees were a different story :oops: .

    I'm pretty sure the helmet standards says nothing about "only good for 20kmh" :LOL:

    Considering I put more miles in traffic on my pushy than many scooter riders, i would say the chances of damage are pretty much the same, it all depends on use doesn't it? :roll:
  18. I was actually referring to those who ride in the middle of traffic wearing only thongs, shorts, no shirt & a stackhat. I didn't make that clear, I apologise.

    My boss at work has a son who LOVED riding his pushy. he rode to work every day, decked out in lycra etc. Until one day when he was hit by a car that pulled an illegal u-turn while he was riding at approx 50-60kph.
    He now has slight brain damage, and permenant scarring from sliding along the road on a 35 degree day in lycra. Now his father basicly thinks that anyone on any 2 wheeled vehicle without full gear is an idiot.

    Personally I think that riders of ALL two wheeled vehicles, from pushies to motorcycles, are at greater risk of serious injury on the road. However it is up to the rider to decide what to wear not for us to dictate what they should wear.

    Even though I would never squid it, or ride in anything less than a full face helmet, I respect that it's a person's choice if they choose to do so. I do believe a person should be aware of the risks though so they can make an INFORMED choice.
  19. The standard for testing bicycle helmets (AS2063) involves dropping from a height of 1.5 metres - impact speed of the test is just 20km/hr. Bicycle helmets are only designed to protect the rider in the event of a fall, not an impact.
  20. You blokes who think 'she'll be right' make me feel warm and fuzzy inside too. :)