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Scooter rider filmed '130kmh' ride

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. October 23, 2008 - 12:31PM

    In a six-minute video posted to the YouTube website on Tuesday a man could be seen flying along roads around regional Victoria on his Vespa GT200, passing other motorists and bicycle riders.

    The footage, filmed from a camera strapped to the rider's head, was posted with a headline stating "Vespa getting up to 130kmh". It showed him flying along roads around Mungabareena Reserve and Doctors Point.

    But the West Albury man, who did not want to be publicly named after being contacted by The Border Mail about his behaviour, yesterday said he had exaggerated the speeds he reached to garner internet attention.

    "I wasn't actually going over the speed limit," he said.

    "That's totally just to fish for people to look at it.

    "It's all just smoke and whistles, that's all it was."

    The man later claimed the 130kmh figure had been "a typo".

    But on another website, scootercommunity.com.au, the man again detailed his behaviour to fellow Vespa enthusiasts.

    He claimed he had reached about 125kmh.

    The rider described the route as one of his favourites, which he called "the cupcake run" because it was "fast and sweet".

    Among more than 2000 posts to the forum was a message detailing modifications to the Vespa.

    The upgrades were 'a recipe for speed", he wrote.

    The man's speedometer was blurry in the video and no definite speed could be determined.

    But the rider insisted the footage was not what it seemed and pulled the clip from the website after being alerted to The Border Mail's interest.

    "I pulled it off because I don't want to encourage other motorcyclists to speed," he said.

    "I'm an advocate of safe riding and I definitely don't want to come across as a hoon.

    "That camera that I've got on my helmet, I was just testing it, it actually makes you appear like you're going a lot faster than you actually are.

    "The lens itself is fisheye, so it really does distort the speed.

    "If you have a look at my other YouTube videos, one's of a winery -- doesn't make me an alcoholic.

    "There's no way a 200cc scooter would reach those types of speeds."

    Frank Tonon, from Melbourne scooter dealership Vespa House, said Vespa listed the GT200's maximum speed as 119kmh.

    "I've never taken one to 130kmh but I reckon it would do it," he said.

    Insp Richard Harvey, of Albury police, said police would investigate.
  2. They needed this story to bump "Farmer Loses Prized Heifer" off the front page.

    :LOL: Tokenism at its finest. Like that's going to go anywhere. :roll:
  3. If you want to enhance the sensation of speed, you use a lens with long focal length NOT a fisheye. One should sort one's lies before uttering them. Sounds like he's headed for the Darwin awards.

  4. So who's the netrider that got caught by the Border Fail?
  5. If he's smart he will get out of any charges they bring against him.

    All you have to do is prove that the speedo drive of any car/bike can be altered so for example show 80kmh when the vehicle is only travelling at 60kmh and that video footage can be sped up/slowed down.

    I remember a similar case where a owner of a ferrari drove flat out down a highway with a camera showing the speedo and got of the charge with evidence on how such footage could have been faked by modifying the cars speedo drive and speeding up the footage.
  6. What, for doing what 60% of people on this site do in first or second gear every time they hit a freeway on-ramp? Surely you jest.
  7. 130! OMG thats insane! How dare he endanger lives by going 30kph over the posted speed limit! This matter should be fully investigated by the authorities!

    %&^ing hypocrite speed nazi's. Who doesn't speed? I speed on a daily basis.
  8. He should go to jail, damn speeders making baby jeebus cry.
  9. No. Sounds like he's trying to hot rod a scooter. And he's too daft to get his lies straight. Stupid is as stupid does!

    :LOL: :LOL: