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Scooter rider falls into open manhole

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Slow Coach, May 6, 2014.

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  1. What could we learn from this? Perfect example of Target Fixation, he/she looked at the hole in the ground and arrived there!

    On a lighter note, could this be classed as a Hole in One? ;)
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  2. Oustanding accuracy, but not as persistent at this guy:

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  3. I think the learning is - Don't go full retard.
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  4. Natural selection! 3:)
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    We can learn that nearly daily, ninemsn is showing stories of motorcyclists with headings such as "idiot motorcyclist", "thrill seeker motorcyclist", "hapless idiot motorcyclists avoids death" Clearly they have an agenda against motorcyclists. They do the same for cyclists.

    Then a weekend later after a bunch of cyclists and motorcyclists get killed under buses and what not, then they finally show a positive story. Most of these videos were quite old, and they bring them up in a sequence, its how you demoralise those motorcyclists and change public opinion to hate them, we can't have them having fun and enjoying things it appears to me.

    Do they ever run a story on how the more motorcyclists there are, then the less queues in traffic for them, so hoo ray for motorcyclists ? They've brought too many people here (no discussion before doing this by the way) in the last 10 years basically and the roads can't cope anymore.
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  6. Don't pass a cop in a car... They've probably forgotten their cupcakes, and they're turning back to get them.

    Hmmmm... Even I have to admit that my comment might be a low blow...

    Well I suppose the cop could've been going for donuts instead of cupcakes... ;)
  7. Sorry Justus I did not see the scooter had an L plate.
  8. I like the reaction of the worker as the rider executed a perfect rolling dismount into the hole
  9. 1. It's a scooter. Enough said
    2. Ninemsn actually employee people to go through youtube looking for stories.