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scooter question

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by MT1, May 9, 2012.

  1. hello scooteroos !

    i don't know jack shit about scooters. so, am asking for advice !?

    i'm trying to be friendly on here today, for a change. but don't get the wrong idea, i'm not gay or anything. just because i'm asking about scooters.
    not that theres anything wrong with that, right. ok then it's all good !

    so i was wondering, could you reccommend a scooter for limmited off-road use.
    do they make MX scooters ?
    i don't mean hardcore ruts, hill climbs. just like parks, state forestry fire trails, warby bicycle trail. stuff like that.
    so like a scooter that's a bit more heavy duty with tyres, suspension stuff. nobbies ?

    oh yeah, it also needs to be the step through type with the flat floor. or is that a moped ? a scooped, a scoomo.

    anyway cheers, all replies thanks in advance. umm. always practice safe sex, use condoms, it's all good, boys who like boys good song
  2. Google is your friend.

    And remember - always kiss with your whiskers.
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  3. Check out the SYM HD200. That's what I ride, I haven't exactly taken it across too much off road, but whenever I have gone accross grass and trails it hasn't had a problem.

    Actually now I think about it I took it to Pete's ridge festival and was riding it around everywhere when helping st up the stages. Worked a frigging treat.

    It has 16" wheels, and good suspension. I've loaded it up a lot and it copes well.

    I've done 65000kms on it. I think the engine is starting to die (which I'm very excited about because I can finally get over that mistake of buying a scooter in the first place), but every time I take it to a mechanics they are pretty amazed that a scooter has gone that high.
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  4. The yamaha beewee is kind of suv like. And of course there is the mighty postie

    Scooters dont have a lot of ground clearance, having said that they can go off road because of light weight you can drag them over stuff, and who cares if yoi drop it. I have taken my tgb off road, and had no issues except for clearance.

    Oh and its lots of fun taking the wrong vehicle off road
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  5. Don't TGB make an "off road" scooter?
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  6. postie for sure. not only that they are pretty cool and very trendy with uni students and other cool hip people.

    being poor is the new thing for the wealthy
  7. WTF MAN
    you used to be cool... :p
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  8. Yamaha Beewee, i hired one at Easter Island and they have alot of dirt roads. Durable little things and can take harsh treatment.
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  9. that yamahard zuma is pure badass !
    do they have scooter 1%rs
    how do i join an OSC
  10. Start your own... build it and I am (fairly) sure they will come !!!!
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  11. You have to pee on your skirt and wear it forever. Then you have to run illegal cookie shipments. It was too badass for me
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  12. From here:

    Rugged, aggressive styling (especially in black), fat, semi-knobby tires and power enough to shoot its rider across an intersection faster than the average automobile, the Zuma 125 is as virile as it is affordable.

    Seems that it's the big spoon in the scooter sandwich (to mix my metaphors)
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  13. i'm fairly certain we would get beaten up on a regular basis by other gangs
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  14. It would be worth making one and being really bad ass just to hear the headlines "Members of the Scooter Tooters found to be communicating with other known members from today will be charged under the OMC laws"
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  15. I've owned a scooter and a Harley at the same time

    Does that make me a double fag?
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  16. ok gang !

    i really think we need to work on our image so we can get some ****ing respect around here :-$

    i think it might help if some of us got tattoos ?
    not me. apparently they really hurt.
    just sayin..

    i do have some studded leather bracelets though. they look tough as.

    need to get patched too. i'm thinking a really big assed feral lookin bumble bee or something.
    ideas welcome.

    and yeah we really need to establish our turf allready. get out there and intimidate.
  17. So this becomes the underground scooter movement thread? No self respecting sportsbike rider will ever look in here.

    I find if you put a case of beer in your step through it fills it out and makes it look like a sports bike. When ever I'm on the way home from Dan Murphys I always get nods from motorbike riders. They are a simple bunch and easily confused.
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  18. probably a bit of topic, but yeah, they sure are.
    have you read some of the dumb shit the Riders Den gang post
    what a bunch of soft cocks.

    makes me very angry when i nod to them at the lights and they just give me a pat on the head.
    this is a motorbike too goddammit !!
  19. i use a piaggio fly 125 for all my off road needs.

    so what's initiation like for a gang like this?
    probably something extreme, like going 68 in a 60 zone.
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