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Scooter Pricing

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by excelboy, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys & Gals,

    Have been riding for a little while now, and dropped past my local scooter store yesterday and I think i'm hooked!

    Just wanted to know how flexible stores typically are with their pricing on 125-200cc scoots (new)? Was looking at the Piaggio Fly, Bug Agility, Bolwell VS125 & Aprillia Scarabeo, do you guys have any thoughts one way or another on these machines? I'll be test riding on Saturday.

    Lastly, from your experiences what kind of room do dealers have on second hand scoots? Scooter central has a second hand Gilera 180SP which looks interesting but priced at 4K, (my thoughts are it should be cheaper) any thoughts on the scoot or price?

    Apologies for the noob questions. Thanks in advance!

  2. Of those four, I'd go for the Fly. It's got the best of Piaggio/Vespa's pedigree, 5000km services, good resale value, and is the best finished. The VS125 is good, but looks too blingy to me. The Agility is a tough little critter, but without an oil filter it needs services every 2500km. Other than that it goes and handles well and is cheaper. Twice the warranty too.

    Try them and see.
  3. Thanks for that Bumblebeeman. I've booked some test rides at The Scooter Shop in Carginbah for this weekend; trying out the 125s, but i'm somewhat tempted by the 250s highway ability, oh well we'll see come the weekend!
  4. Not sure who you're going to see on Satuday but i've bought two scooters from Scott in Caringbah and only have good things to say about him and all the staff there.

    When I was looking I was probably like you and had my shortlist from what I'd seen and read however after a testride of a Vespa GT200 (which i hadn't previously considered) couldn't stop thinking about it and is now what i use everyday rain or shine.

    Test ride them all and see if they recommend anything else, of the smaller scoots though, I'm with bumblebeeman the Fly is the pick.

    If you can afford the scarabeo also have a look at the GTS250. These larger scoots are just as easy around town, cost nothing to run in terms of fuel and even my 200 is great fun through the National park and performs well at highway speeds.

    let us know what you finally choose and finally don't expect to save too much by bargaining but give it your best shot.
  5. For that money, my vote would be the VS125....they feel bigger and a little more stable on the road (for me anyway, and I'm 6.1 and 90kg). I used to have a Mojito 150 which was great but you'd be pushing it to find a good one for $4k, and parts are (can be) expensive. The VS125 has an awsome warranty.

    I agree with robbie55 though, IF you can stretch the budget just a little further, a 200cc+ scoot is a lot more versatile (and fun) IMHO