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Scooter Performance...

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by mr_sikma, Aug 26, 2005.

  1. Hey,

    Where i purchased my scooter from, they have a website with a list of different mods etc that you can do tour 50cc :D

    Has anyone modded their scooters at all?


  2. "Scooter Performance"

    Isn't that an oxymoron???

    Sorry, not being mean, that just seemed to good to pass up.
  3. Take out a Yammie Tmax500 or the Burgman650....
    I rode the Tmax and shite, it was a HOOT.
    Goes like shit off a shovel, I ran outta usable road at 170, and it was still climbing...
  4. Valid point, v. I guess I don't associate those as being scooters (though, of course, they are)

    Mention scooters and I think of 50cc and 100cc!!
  5. Don't underestimate the get up and go next time u pull up beside a lil red euro :shock:

    it could be me :D :D :D
  6. Usually upgrading the exhaust will give you a little bit more power, the guys at Show n Go will be able to help you out more.
  7. You may like to check out City Skootz in Adelaide as well, they are on Gilbert St, and I know he specialises in scooter performance upgrades. In fact the owner races his at the drags!
  8. In fact he kitted out my scoot about 8 days ago. Still running the new engine in but man, it has got guts for its size.
  9. yeah im keento kit mine out with the 70cc kit and exhaust. mine does 62km as it is.. just needs some more speed.... to flow n ebb with traffic better and to accelorate a bit better
  10. 80km with ease


    i have an yamaha aerox 50 still running in and it can do 80km with ease without any mods. Mine is still being run in so i ease off and keep it round the 70 mark but the bike responds well for 98 bp fuel. The bolwell scoots i have been on and lets just say you get what you pay for. the aprillia was a bit out of my price range for a toy. I have been off my scoot due to being rear ended in my car and back being stuffed but got back on it today took it for a small ride and it was doing 80 in no time but i am thinking of a gearing upgrade to get it there faster. question is how the hell do i read the speed past 80 when the speedo only does 80?
  11. Re: 80km with ease

    You can get a push bike computer. It has been mentioned on the forums here to replace broken speedos.
  12. hey jase, fieldy, Brad..... I am finally here!!! :D Yeah I am thinking about a bike computer too because my needle went all the way back to 0km/h :D Someone clocked me doing 100km/h on the flat on my way to Wellington for the Pink Ribbon Ride.

    Very happy with my Peugeot Blaster 50cc.
  13. why oh why did i buy a 'cehap scooter' i shoulda payed the extra for somthing id be so much happier on.. 50cc and ur clocking 100km an hr??? wtf!!!! im stuck on 62km top speed :(

    ahhwell.. its cheap dayly transport.... *sobs*

    welcome anthony!
  14. yeah I couldn't believe it either, but considering that's what half a dozen others told me (many many dozens past me) I take their word for it. I have no idea seeing my needle only reads up to 80km/h and it's way past that.

    The latest Scooter magazine (Issue 6) has tested the Peugeot Blaster and clocked it at 95km/h easily. :)

    I am very much used to high powered car (just ask Mr_Sikma) so when I shopped for my scooter, I looked for the fastest on the market. This one got my attention. :)
  15. hey anthony

    i havent been on here 4 a while!

    yeah anthoony loves his fast vehicles ;)

  16. That photo in the article is scary, very scary...
  17. Bl00dy hell!!! Then i must have ridden the slowest scooter on the market (honda today 50), speedo stops at 60 and the 'overspeed' light comes on once you get past 30km/h!