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Scooter on the learner course

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Mandala434, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Hey Gav so they actually allowed us to ride on a 50cc in the course is that right? :LOL: In that case I might just jump the ship right away & do it, although the $.300's still a big ask in term of payment. I'll learn how to ride a manual with my work friend it'll be far easier & time friendly too.

  2. Back in July 2007:
  3. Sorry about that, I live in Adelaide - SA & I only hold a car license & currently I just own a 50cc scooter. I hope that'll be enough information :grin: I'm thinking of just trade my scooter & get the bike first & then get my license since it's so hard to get a good cheap 2nd hand bike over here. First I wanted a Honda VTR250 but it's dear as even for a 2nd hand one then I was thinking about a Cagiva Mito 125cc but the price's $.3990 even though it already done like 63,000ks with all the re-service done from a dealer here that's BS as if it cost that much. Can't people sell good bikes at a cheap price over here? sheesh
  4. Hey Mandala - at the learner course they did have a scooter but it was bigger than a 50cc. I'm not sure what size it was actually, but it seemed fairly heavy and powerful to me (I am new to all this, of course), so I reckon it was at least 150cc, maybe 250. It was big enough that I had trouble getting it onto the centre stand! An Aprilia something, can't remember the exact model.

    I really couldn't tell you how easy it is to migrate from a 50cc scooter to a manual motorbike. But if you're going for the bike then you're probably best using a bike at the learners course too - the instructors are good and should be able to give you good advice on how to manage them. They do quite a bit on clutch and gear changes that didn't apply to me on my scooter... :)
  5. im doing the l's atm and we got the offer to use a scoota but one took that offer. You really want to learn the clutch and gears when getting your motorbike licence unless you never want to ride one
  6. Yeah, I agree. Luckily I have no intention of riding anything but a scooter for now. I bought my new scooter today and the guy was quite surprised that we could even choose the scooter, as far as he knew, and possibly until quite recently, everyone had to learn on the manual gear bikes.

    Same as cars, really. For that I learnt and passed the test using an automatic, but I'm technically licensed to drive manual cars too. A bit crazy.

    BTW, good luck on passing the test Groov3.
  7. at HART they let us use scooters if we wanted to. apparently on a scooter licence we are still allowed to ride manual bikes on our L's
  8. just do the Ls on a motorbike. over in Vic, HART run a 2 day Learners course, 1.5 days devoted to learning, n the last half day is the test. ive never ridden a motorbike before, and came out of there with a fair bit of confidence. its seriously not that hard. and is probably one of the safest environments u can actually learn how to do it. so i reckon just do it on a bike with gears :)
  9. err i went to ridetek, and got my learners on a scooter, cuz i failed twice on the bike by stalling it. then asked dad to teach me how to ride the bike after towing it on a trailer home. worked out fine and im riding a manual bike now.