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scooter n00b with many questions ;)

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by HARV3Y, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. hi all :D
    i just picked up a 2003 Bug Espresso 150cc. It's a second hand scooter and the lady claimed she never tried to take it on a freeway but told me it should get up to 100ks at it's peak. Does anyone have the same scooter and if so can it get to that speed?? not a neccessity but it would be nice if i ever decide i need to be on a freeway.

    Also i've been reading a couple of threads on mods to increase the top end speed. does this only apply to the 50ccs?

    I'm trying to book a Qride course with StayUpright but no body has answered the phone in the last 2 days.. i'm in Brisbane and wouldn't mind getting my licence as soon as I can.

    I'm having a look on the net for some gear (helmet FULL FACE, Jacket, Gloves etc) any recommended shops in bris or web sites would be MUCH appreciated.

    Just put in $6 to fill up the tank and smiled all the way home....

    So this is my hello and question time, hope you can help :D

  2. hi welcome, I would reccomend Morgan and Wacker for your Qride training
  3. Hi HARV3Y,

    Welcome to the forum and congrats on getting into the world of 2 wheels, i'm sure you'll love it especially in Brissy with so many sunny days to ride around.

    As for the performance increases, yeah they really only apply to the 50cc scoots. Your 150 should have no problems getting to 100km/hr for quick stints on the freeway but i would expect that its comfortable cruising speed would be around the 80km/hr mark, that leaves a bit in reserve for you when needed.

    I'm assuming this is your first scoot, so yes you will certainly notice the fuel saving compared to a car! $6 per tank is not bad hey!

    As for the gear you need, def go try some stuff on at the various shops around town, but also consider shopping online through people like BikeBiz as they seem to have a pretty good selection and reasonable prices. But you need to know your sizes first. Oh and with the helmets you need to try them on because no 2 are the same and a large in HJC is completely different to a large in say Shark. I also suggest you ad some boots onto your shopping list for some ankle protection.

    I dont know anything about the licensing system in QLD so i cant offer any assistance there.


    Good luck and enjoy.
  4. thanks guys,
    the people from StayUpright returned my call this morning and I booked in this sunday for my test.

    I've been riding for a couple of hours this morning after getting my Ls and i'm already loving it! haven't had any problems with confidence riding next to cars and hit 80ks easily and yes this is my first time on a scooter. My jacket was like a parachute in the wind and i felt as if i would lift off the bike so i didn't go any faster than that at this stage.

    For riders in Queensland: After i complete my Qride course is there still a period where i am a 'learner' and need to be accompanied on rides? or will i got straight to my P plates???

    thanks again :D
  5. if you have had your car licence for three or more years then you go straight onto your bike opens,
    however if youve had your car licence for less then 3 years then you go onto your 250 licence for a year? i think
    as for parts check out all the german and uk websites like twist and go, or pmtuning, polini, malossi, gianelli, koso ect
  6. Cheers kizza that sounds like good news cos i'm on my car opens, straight to scooter opens yehaa.

    ta for those websites i'll have a lookie :D
  7. with your jacket, get ones with armour protection. You can get ones from Xvent or something like that for about $160 and that has a zip out inner for the summer days. I have one and found them really good. Certainly feels protected.

    The ventilation in it is very good and certainly doesn't feel like a parachute.
  8. I ended up with an Ixon Ladies Strada. Really light, fully vented and has armour protection in the shoulders, forarms/elbows, padded back and reflective piping. Tried on lots of jackets with the weather proof liners and they were comfy as hell but also a bit warm with me just standing there in the shop. I've had a couple of suggestions to buy a light summer jacket and pick up a rain coat type thing to throwover the top (instead of buying a jacket with a liner) for $10 from a camping store. Being a taller female made it a hard choice between getting a ladies jacket or a mens because some were so short in the belly. The jacket was $169

    Tried on a bunch of helmets also and the Nitro N1000 came out the winner, $160 on special from the MCAS.com.au website and was very comfy. removable padding and lining to wash and lots of venting... cute designs also help ;)

    I'm borrowing some gloves for the time-being so i guess next items when the budget allows are some pants and boots. Do the dragon jeans have a ladies line???

    now that i have the flu i hope my balance isn't affected too much as i'm going for my qride course tomorrow :S
  9. Stock standard motor cycles are more reliable than worked bikes. Up the horsepower/torque 1st costs money and 2ndly creates greater stress through the bike that it may not like.

    Quite often, more stress= more breakages= less ride time.

    If you want more power, wait till you have some experiance under your belt then buy a bigger bike.
  10. good advice. After reading about 'cutting a wire' to make it go faster it just sounded like a quick fix, not that i really NEED it to go any faster... it's just nice yanno? haha