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Scooter mod

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by Tonbi, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. aVvxBN9.

    I love the tape or straps holding the seat on, safety comes first :shock:

  2. :shock:
    just when I thought I've seen it all .. somehin else comes along
  3. Last time I was in China this chick was walking along a narrow village dirt road with her bike. The bike's running and she's using the clutch and walking it in first gear to save actually pushing it and there's a kid about that age on the seat. I have no idea why she was walking beside it rather than riding it slowly.

    She stops to watch all the handsome gwailo walk past (yeah, we were pretty handsome), flashes us a dumb smile and lets go of the clutch. Bike and baby went flying.

    She rushed over to him, picked him up and just brushed the dirt off him, saying to us (in Cantonese), "Sorry, sorry, don't bother yourselves!" as we picked up her bike for her.

    Truly surreal moment. Fortunately the kid seemed fine.
  4. :shock: :shock:
    May I ask a genuine question ?
    Why is it that asian countries seem to have such a HUGE lack of basic safety etiquette, especially on bikes/scooters? Don't get me wrong, You see alot of idiots here too .. but they seem to thrive over there.
  5. There are bike taxis all over China. I will NEVER use one. The roads over there terrify me. I once had a cab ride from Guangzhou train station to Hua Do. Traffic was awful. The cab driver went like a maniac, across pavements, wring side of the road, beeping and shouting. He hit three bikes (taps and sideswipes - none came off) and another taxi. Didn't bat an eyelid. That's China's roads for you.

    Some of the cities are starting to get more on top of road safety, but very slowly and haphazardly. I hate being on the road out there!
  6. Yeah when I was in Japan, I saw children running around in moving cars or standing between driver and passenger seats. Seems they have seat belt laws but only driver can get charged so everyone but the driver does what they like.
  7. Ok, so what's the little one thinking? :grin:
  8. Hell, I see that in Perth every day :grin: .
  9. "i hope im still doing this when im 18."
  10. Geez, how dangerous is that - riding in thongs... :grin: