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scooter maintenance

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by fundies, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. The Bolwell Arriba 125 has clocked up 350km's, and is due for its first service at 500km's. My question is, does anyone here do all the maintenance of their scooter themselves. If so, is there anything "special" that needs to be done i.e. adjust v - belt or variator/clutch maintenance. Ive always done my own maintenance on bikes (except for the really big jobs). Do scooters just generally need regular engine/gearbox oil changes, plugs,filters etc. to be happy. Also, does anyone run full synthetic oil in there scooter engine after engine run in (4 strokes ). Cheers.

  2. Would you doing it void the warranty?
  3. i have to admit that i'm just too slack to do my own maint work. That and i'm also too busy to give it the attention it deserves so i just take it to teh scooter shop.

    by the by, one thing i'm noticing is how the european scoots have longer service intervals. Mine was first service at 1,000 (which was free) then every 6,000 for a minor and 12,000 for major service.
  4. To seyney, Yes doing your own maintenance probably does void your warranty if something goes wrong, but I like to take my chances. Most servicing is just an overpriced rip off if they are going to charge big$$$ to change a bit of oil etc. I just need to know about any peculiar maintenance tips on scooters, to see what I can and cant do myself.
  5. P.S. to duffman. Bolwell servicing seems excessive by comparison. 500km first service, oil changes every 1000km's, oil filter change every 5000kms along with tappet check. Not that changing the oil is hard.