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Scooter Life expectancy

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by STC, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. I have got a Bug Vibe 50cc.

    It's a great bike and does exactly what I need it to do that is commute 5 km through city traffic and park in the city for $5 a day.

    My question is that I am 92kgs and whilst it will do 60km flat out it really struggles up hills. Given that I live in a very hill area, am I going to wear it out quicker than I would a larger, more powerful scooter (say 150cc)?

    What would be the normal life expectancy of a scooter this size anyway?

    I have been thinking of upgrading just to get a little more acceleration away from the lights anyway. If I hought it might prolong the life expectancy of a bike I ight upgrade sooner rather than later.
  2. Yes.

    But even a 50cc could last 10000 before needing a rebuild (correct me if I'm wrong anyone else). And doing a few kms a day that'll be a long while.
  3. +1
    Add to that .. consistently short trips will decrease the life of the engine even moreso
  4. 16000km on my 4 stroke still going strong...
    5 days a week with 4km to work and 4 km back, plus a 60-70km ride on sundays....modded to the max....

    hope to get 25000km+
  5. Ace2. Cool. What type of scoot have you got :?:
  6. 4 stroke 50cc? Ouch, can you say gutless?
  7. I would think that a two stroke 50cc is always going to have a much shorter lifespan doing the same trips as a four stroke, so a larger, four stroke scooter should get a much longer life.

    Mind you, I'm no mechanic.
  8. Managed to get 35,000 km out of my Jolie before some prat wrote it off.
  9. honda today 50 with a 94cc kit,big carb,opened up airbox, custom mod exhaust, diff 27%, kevlar belt, delta race clutch, delta race spring, remove clutch weights...
    fun on one wheel...

    2 stroke eater......yes
  10. more expensive than getting license and bigger scoot in first place....yes.
  11. so true, but this is more fun and fun can cost lots.....
    plus it's good doing the hard work yourself...
  12. I dont think it's an issue that most scooter riders worry about.
    From the manoeuvres I've seen and lack of protection, scooters will out live their riders. :roll:
  13. From the speeding, mono's, weaving, splitting I've seen and lack of protection, This thread will out live most motorbike riders. :roll:

    Seriously, the scoot cost all of two grand. You want life expectancy as well? 5 Years, 25,000 kays. Anything after that is a bonus. Frying the engine isn't a big issue anyway. Top end rebuild on a 50cc is about 400 bucks (same as 14.5 years petrol expense)
  14. so true, if it goes bang, i won't care so much. i give it such a hard time..

    so cheap to replace....
  15. yeah I hear ya man. And thats the way you've got to look at the 50cc scoots. Treat them as a whole lot of fun.

    And yeah, I totally know what you mean about the mods...there is just something really enjoyable about running a scoot at its limits - even if that limit is 60/70km/hr, you still get the feeling of pushing its boundaries.
  16. what about my new Le Grande 171cc??
    i think i ride it once a week... every tues to the city for class.. tat's all..
    m it not working it hard enuf?

    do they require start up every day???
  17. no, you dont need to run it everyday.

    dont you get any enjoyment out of riding the scoot??? Its obviously nothing more than cheap transport. surely you could ride it more than once a week?
  18. Hi duffman

    do u have a car??

    i do enjoy the scooter.. in fact m pretty scared on d scooter.. it's kinda big for me.. hehe.. afraid if i fall n crush my jaws.. coz now m using a temp open face helmet while waitin to order the nolan 102..

    but rather lonely.. i can't take anyone on my back.. cant sit wif any1.. sighs.. lonely journey for me..

    when i wana go to box hill for dinner..i'd tink of my fren n ask her to take d bus..thn.. 2nd thoughts. oh well forget it.. let's cook up sum noodles..
  19. yeah i've got a car, but ride whenever i can.

    Its understandable that you lack confidence mate, dont worry about that. The ONLY way you will get confident is to ride that scoot as often as possible. Its only through using it that you will learn the skills required to ride confidently. If you dont know anyone else who rides, then join up on a group ride, people on this forum organise rides and so do many other scooter forums. If you cant find one then go down to your local scooter shop and talk to them, they will help you out.

    you've got a great scoot there so make the most of it and beat the traffic!
  20. hey duffman..

    i was riding wif d grup last nite
    were u ther?