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Scooter Licences

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Pug57, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. How long is it going to be before all these little scooter riders have to do a riding test.
    I think for their own safety and basic knowledge of a two wheel vehicle it is needed, as my wife purchased one and was given no advise no nothing but the dealer took the money easy enough and said thanks for coming and when you want to upgrade come back eh. Luckily I own and ride a Honda CBR 1000 so I could give her advise and guidance in the riding of her scooter which I think she needed as she admitted to me she didn't even know which one was the back brake and the front brake so she used both ( scary thought ).
    I have just completed a 5,000 Kls ride and have seen many scooters in the towns and city's we passed through and think to myself how many actual know the basics ? you have to do a practical test in a car and for a bike license so why not for a scooter??
    And my wife needed something just to run around the town and her normal means of transport is our WH Statesman so it was a BIG learning curve for her.
    Anyway what are other peoples opion on this.

  2. I think it should be the same for all states - you need a bike license to ride a scooter. It shouldn't matter if it is a 50cc or a 600cc, everyone should need to know how to operate a bike properly. If I didn't do the tests here in Melbourne I would never of had the skills or confidence to get out on the roads on my scooter. As you said, in QLD you can go buy one and have no idea how to even get it out of the dealer's showroom.
  3. Bike Licences

    Exactly my wife went to main roads and answered 5 real easy questions and bingo one bike learners and it expires when when her car license does how wrong is that
  4. I think all should have to do course and test to get license. While I was buying my scooter I heard 50ccs being handed over to people with the statement, "Can you ride a bicycle? Well off you go!"

    These people are being left dangerously vulnerable and also many of them are doing nothing for the reputations of others on two wheels.
  5. i agree that scooterists should have to do at least some small amount of formal training. perhaps a half day course at the very least.

    BUT, some of you guys seem to be thinking that the shops selling the scoots are somehow to blame. Its not their fault at all. When you go to buy a car, does the dealer make sure you have the correct license? Training, yes. Dealers responsibility, no chance.
  6. The rules depend on which state you're in. I'm in NSW & I had to do the pre-learners course & test, & the Pre Provisional course & MOST, same as a motorcycle rider.

    I understand in NSW you can get a scooter license that allows you to ride a scooter under 125cc, & for that you don't have to do the pre provisional course. You've still got to do the pre learners, test & MOST though.

    There's nothing to stop your wife educating herself & enrolling in rider training though!
  7. Thats true Amanda, but i can assure people dont do it if they dont have to. I wish they did, but they dont.
  8. Scooters

    Now thats what I call a step in the right direction unfortunately in Queensland the rules are too slack. We have just traveled 5,000 Kls at X Mass time down to the blue mountains from Gladstone Queensland and back and all through NSW you were aware that the next corner could have a cash for flash or 2 bike cops just waiting for, in queensland we saw one flash for cash on new years eve THATS it. The road safety campaign has wasted too much on adds and a catching jingle instead of giving the police more resources. Sorry got of the track a bit but I insisted that my wife get her Learners as I have been teaching her to ride correctly and if she needs to step up to a road bike she will have the confidence and ability, as I have had 35 years on the road and feel that I am a good rider I have completed two Police defensive driving schools ( Many year's ago ) in Hornsby ( Court Issued ) and feel even now they were the best courses that I have even attended.