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scooter lesson & question

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by bella rose, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. As you may have seen from a previous post I tried doing the Stay Upright course a few weeks back on a motorcycle, didn't go so well

    Today I went back for a lesson on a scooter (Honda Today) it went really well, very happy with myself, I will be sticking with a scooter (which is what I originally wanted to go with anyway!)

    Will be booking in for another lesson then having another go at the course, however I do have a question, the instructor said if I go on the 50cc scooter for my L's I will be restricted to that and won't be able to go higher but if I go on a 100cc or higher I can then upgrade to something else later but he wasn't sure on it, does anyone know if this is true ?

    bella rose
  2. I got my L's 4 months ago in Victoria on a Honda 50cc scooter. I could ride anything up to 250cc while on my L's, and this also applies to now having my full license with 12 months restrictions.
    I'm not sure if this helps because i'm from Vic and the law may be different in Canberra, as i know that in Sydney you can ride up to a 600cc while on restrictions etc.
  3. Each state's licensing laws are different. Maybe someone from the ACT can help, or maybe a call to your vehicle/licensing department on Monday.
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