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Scooter leaking fuel?!

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Shniva, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. Yeah, about to drive home from work today but couldn't because it wouldn't start.. I thought to myself for a while and noticed the fuel gadge was empty. My first opinion was "What the hell? someone stole my fuel!!" but then as I pushed it into the foyer at work I noticed liquid coming from the engine. And smelt like fuel mixed with oil (obviously because of the fact that it is a scooter) so it couldn't be coming directly from the tank.. but I don't know much about scooters corrent me if i'm wrong.

    Now I have had a accident on the scooter but nothing that would crack or damage the engine that substantionally.

    Have I done serious damage? or is it an easy fix? (I doubt it, leaking fuel is hardly a scratch on the fairings)


  2. Leaking fuel is never a good sign on any vehicle, and if you've had an accident, no matter how small, i'd get it checked out by a scooter mechanic.

    Can you see where the leak may be coming from? If you can find something it may give you some idea of how serious the damage is.
  3. Doesn't matter how small the 'accident' was, rule of thumb is if anything had to be replaced, chances are there was something ELSE that needed replacing.

    If nothing physical seems broken (and it's still leaking) wipe the trial of leaking liquid back to the source with a dry towel. You will then know where it's coming from.

    If nothing was damaged in your said accident, pipes (eg, in your case fuel line?) could have cracked, split, came lose at the connector etc etc).

    Get it checked out thoroughly.
  4. Yeah I found the problem, it was the carbie leaking fuel into the air filter. Then when that got too full it pretty much broke the seal and started leaking from there. Quick trip to the scooter shop and all fixed. They said it's a very common problem with the Gypsys and it happens all the time, something to do with how they made the carbie and when you stand it on the side stand it gets over filled or something because of the angle.

    Thanks anyways.