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scooter is fast?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by abvc, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. okay i had to gun my best to beat this scootie hootie hoo. so anybody think their scooters is faster than a bike? and also i've been seeing lot of big scootie now~!

  2. :LOL: what scooter did u have to keep up with?
  3. not sure. it's black and looks like a sport model
  4. You know I'm loving this, don't you, ABVC?
  5. you've really got to look at what your comparing mate. Not as simple as grouping all scoots and all bikes together.

    Sure there are some scooters that can beat some bikes. But so what? If your comparing a 400cc 2-stroke scoot to a GPX250, then you'll probably lose every time.
  6. My 2 stroke Honda Bali EX 100cc goes pretty well to reach 40km and can beat cars at the lights but it plateaus after that to reach 75-80km/h.

    No way can I beat a bike but I am sure so newer, sportier scoots can. Depends on the rider since a scoot and twist and go but a bike has to be good with gear changes.
  7. There are some 500cc scooters now that would own 250 road bikes.
  8. Please tell me your only referring to cars such the likes of excels or barinas?
  9. OK, let me clarify, this is done with me gunning it on my scoot while the car driver is riding normally.
  10. i dragged off a ford 4 cylinder, like a laser style mid 80's, right up to 60km, he had wheel spin off the line and all , i beat most cars off the line right up to top speed...
    even took on a ford falcon 6, i was in front till 40ish, then he got me
    of course my scooter has had some work done, it's 95cc with big clutch(pops front wheel of line) rollers, belt, exhaust, varaitor, raer diff and airbox opened up, all from a 4 stroke as well....
  11. Suzuki do the 650cc Burgman

  12. A friend owns a 650 Burgman. It's reasonably quick. Has about 54 horsepower (from memory) and weighs around 230kg dry. By comparison my 32 horsepower VTR250, weighing in at 140kg dry, is pretty much just as quick in a straight line or a hair slower.

    The Burgman doesn't care too much about additional weight. A pillion passenger doesn't slow it too much.
  13. Any of the 4cyl 250s are going to absolutely nail any* scoot ony any given route from a to b. I used to run a ZXR250 which IIRC made 45hp, but I've also ridden a burgman 650 and there's no contest. Really, even the vtwin 250s are going to be in the distance before these scoots even think about getting off the line.

    Horses for courses people. Scooters are for the city commute, bikes are for fun on twisty backroads.

    * I stand by that. The weight distribution, power delivery and ground clearance is all wrong on scoots to make them fast. Not bad, just not fast
  14. Wow are the big scooters really that heavy? I guess I retract my statement that the bigger 500cc + scooters should beat a bike. :)
  15. 250cc scoot should beat 250cc bike, the cvt in them means that its at peak HP and u dont change gears..
  16. Are they all true CVT gearboxes like the Burgmann650, or are they just crappy viscous drivetrains or centrifugal clutches?
  17. My Piaggio X9 250 is lightning up to 60kph. I can beat most sports bikes up to that speed at which point they blast past at Warp 10. The point being that most scooters can simply get off the line quicker than a manual bike, regardless of how powerful the bike is. As to cars, I have yet to come across one that can beat my X9 to 60kph, it eats V8's for breakfast. I reckon it would take a light car with a top power to weight ratio like a Lotus 7 or similar to have a chance.
  18. I'd be curious to see the 60' time for the scooter, for my own curiosity (My 1.6L naturally aspirated MR2 regularly beat SS Commodores in the 60', 2.2 seconds).

    Take it to the drag strip, in the name of science!
  19. My Vespa GTS250 wins the green light grand prix every time.

    Nice to put those cagers back in their boxes.