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Scooter info please!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 2WHEELSNOCLUE, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    i have been looking around the net and found conflicting info on getting your scooter license.
    My sis is interested in getting one, i told her not to bother with a 50cc one, no go for hills etc
    does she have to do a qride course like i did for a motorcycle?
    or is there a course/license out there for a scooter...say 125cc
    (in Qld)
    i know a car license can get you on a 50cc

  2. over 50cc = bike licence required
  3. thanks moto, thats what i thought.......ooooohhhhhhh the thought of my sis using a clutch!
  4. if she gets one make sure she wears the gear. 50cc is no different from 250cc when your face is getting scrubbed along the pavement. I used to ride a 50, recommend bigger, and QRIDE is the only way to go.

    Where is your sister? I highly recommend morgan and wacker training if she is northside.
  5. how olds your sister? :D pics?
  6. good advice - on the gear
  7. ... but why is it different to a bicyclist who is riding at the same speed down the same road but is not wearing protective gear?
  8. Most scooters are auto, ie twist & go. 50cc is incredibly under powered for australian conditions, plus the extra training you get when you get your bike licence is really handy. Lifesaving even!
  9. hey guys, thanks a lot for your responses.
    She lives south Bris, so a little bit hilly..... i really dont want her to get a 50cc, i reckon 125cc minimum.
    As for doing the course, a good idea also, the stuff i learnt was so good, particularly the video showing how to assess as you ride and be aware etc

    As for gear TRA, i agree, i have had a slide on the black stuff, in the right gear, and that shit is hard man!!!
    she has to geet her L's yet, so maybe she can do her course when i am going for my open license next year......i cant wait!