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Scooter idiots!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Pizza, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. ok, so i havnt got my license yet, (bring on 3rd Dec!) but today, driving down Pittwater Rd (busy, main road) and saw this guy on a scooter, with a passenger, both wearing thongs, shorts and wife beaters! Yeah, yeah, they had helmets on, but i'm sure they'd rather die from head injuries anyway when they crash lane splitting at 70km/h instead of being wire brushed, so why wear them?.
    The guy clipped my mirror while lane splitting. Is getting wherever you need to go so important to risk your own lives? Put on some gear and only split if you can actually get through! Save them some hospital time too...maybe.
    Wish i'd gotten his plates.

  2. meh! .
  3. Was your mirror damaged?? If not, why worry

    You'll find motorcyclists an accepting lot, but further marginalising ourselves aint really the aim

    And don't worry about what others wear, so long as you feel comfortable when you ride that's the main thing :cool:
  4. Mirror wasnt damaged, wouldnt really care too much if it was,
    Just dont want to see these idiots get hurt and healed by my tax dollars, then blaming something and motorcycles in general getting a bad wrap!
  5. To start with, he can wear whatever he wants.
    I also find it funny that it's ok to hit a car's mirror as long as it doesnt get damaged, but if some poor schmuck were to merely sit on a bike they didnt own, all the fire's of hell rain down to purge the earth of this scum.
  6. if no damage then its all good in the end, but still the rider didn't know there was no damage at the time and just (i assume) pissed off to avoid responsibility.

    regarding gear, i agree with the others here, i'm over it, let them wear whatever and learn that asphalt at 60kph hurts alot more than you'd think.
    (i learnt the hardway, they might as well too) :eek:ops

    will be interesting to see how insurance premiums go over the next few years with the increased amount of riders (motorcycles & scooters) doing the usual driveway drops and other misc crashes.
  7. What are you, the fashion police?
  8. So you've never hit a car mirror?? Wave of the hand and most are OK with it.

    In regards to the OP, maybe best to stay in your car - especially if you think wearing the right gear is going to save all important tax dollars :roll:
  9. Ok when you do something that we all judge as incredibly stupid on your bike once you get it, please inform the hospital at the ED ward your not making a TAC claim and that you will pay the entire bill.

  10. We've all clipped a mirror at one point or another, its all learning but i'm not gonna say it was the right thing for the bloke to do. If he did it the least he could do would be an apology wave.

    I'd be a bit pissed if somebody clipped my mirror but its a common mistake and is forgivable if they acknowledge that they cocked up. Although I've never had my car clipped because when i'm in the cage i give bikes and pushies lots of space.
  11. i'm with the OP ( or fashion constable ). this is somewhat normal attire for cronulla, not manly or the northern beaches.

    the rider needs a good slap around the head a few times.

    but seriously, how do you split on a scooter and still touch some cages mirror? lol

    the guy must be seriously stupid to split and still hit someone, however lightly
  12. [​IMG]

    Careful, you may incur Audrey's displeasure.
  13. :squid:

    i sorez 1 two!!