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scooter ideas...on whats next.

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by furbypimp, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. oks hey how is everyone..
    well i have got my variator for the red devil...it makes a hell of a differece in take off once its warmed up and mid range.. i can feel it want to pull away. now with variator and exhaust i feel alot more comfortable in traffic and on main roads... the cruising 80kph is still 8kph off (i can push it to 80 but it dont sit there it will cruise at around 73-75.)but im trying to work out what else to do before the big bore...any ideas people...

  2. With a more free flowing exhaust a hi-flow air filter might help, as you can't exhaust more mixture than you can burn..........
  3. further to inci's suggestion - go with a nice sports exhaust, it will make a fair difference. Exhaust mods achieve quite a lot on 2-stroke engines.
  4. oks i already have a gillani GSP exhaust...and once that was done i noticed a heap of difference..
    i was wondering if anyone has put a air filter on a red devil..?
    wondering about what size to go and how to mount..also i was in cityskoots and the guy there said its no real point because the filter is sufficiant enough....pls help lol
  5. carby upgrade and then bore kit.
    i never really noticed any difference when playing around with air filters.
    i also have an unrestricted cdi module that may work on your scooter
  6. i didnt know that the red devil and a cdi module?
    what is the cdi module from? do u have a red devil scooter?
    have you tried it on the red devil scooteR?
  7. hey furbypimp
    i bought the cdi off a bloke in the uk. im pretty sure it was for a red devil. it was deffinately for a sym 50cc 2stroke model. i had a shark and i bought it cause i thought it might have worked on mine aswell, however the shark is a newer engine with different wiring so it didnt work.
    the cdi on mine was a black box about 10cmx5cmx3cm with a 6?pn plug on it.
    it was located right next to the battery on mine however i have heardthat on other models they are located just behind the taillight.