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scooter hooligans

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by JimmyD, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. this looks like heaps of fun :D

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  2. Hells yeah - I'm in!
    No stranger to step-through stupidity, me - a relative used to have a pair of Vespas and a quiet beach suburb ;)
  3. Scooligans??
  4. thats all good
  5. like it. and the music :D
  6. i'm going to try and get a team for the le minz scooterthon for next year. should be awesome fun.
  7. So that's why there's a law against riding along walking trails. It's fun. You see? I knew there was a reason.
  8. hahaha
    man now i got to go get my 50cc off my cousin,
    ive always said scooters are the most fun you can have on the road,
    and no one looks twice.

    ahh i remember jumping speed bumps
  9. Yes, yes it does. I was on the lookout for a cheap dirtbike to motard, but that looks almost as fun & way cheaper.

    eBay time.
  10. hahaha love its guts
  11. i was planning something similar... what a dilemma!
  12. well,
    i have a zoot deluxe 50cc for sale 2009 with less then 10000K (may be less then 5000k)
    for $900ish
    has everything including top box and alarm system
  13. damn im right next to chirny as welL :p
  14. tards are more fun than cool scooters.

    but cool scooters in a group can be badass
  15. i have scooters as well as my zzr. I used to bring my 150cc to netrider thurday, and tuesday meets. Others will verify, I hhoned the crap out of it, sc****d the sides, and did great times on the blvd, not to mention overtaking others through the twity bits 8-[
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  18. excuse me while i go and buy a scooter
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