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Scooter helmet, which would you choose?

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by TimTam, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys,

    im in the market for a cheap scooter helmet soon so i've narrowed it down to two helmets...

    1. Rjays CITY helmet $99.95
    2. Zeus 506D SKOOT helmet $119.95

    if you dont know what they look like just go to the two motorcycles accessories websites that are in parramatta.

    just want to know which is of better quality, i know that FIT / Comfortability should be top of the list though.

  2. Now during the last 40 years the price of helmets (as with that of bikes) has risen due to inflation. My FIRST wheels, a small capacity Honda, cost me under $400 brand new. Back then helmets were priced between $12 - $50.

    The BEST helmets then were Bell brand, and they were at the higher end of the price range. Still, when someone asked about the value of the cheaper helmets as regards to crash protection -- advice was sometimes given as:
    "If YOU have a Ten Dollar Head; then wear a Ten Dollar Helmet!"

    You'll have to do some 40 years worth of inflation adjustment to put that comparison in today's Dollars. :?

    Snell Labs
    A helmet is you most important riding gear (note:American regs; NOT Australian)
  3. Don't know either of the helmets you're listing.. but I'd get at least a full face helmet, and I'd be spending a minimum of $250 on it.

    But hey, it's your head..
  4. There is only one rule when it comes to helmets, it has to look cool! :cool:

    Sorry I mean get the one that fits best.
  5. I'd say forget all your thoughts and go back and try them on. Then get whichever is more comfortable. Simple as that.
  6. $10 helmet for a $10 head derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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  8. My 2cents worth.....

    Get a full face helmet. One that has plenty of vents and good peripheral vision. I personally wouldn't put a cheap helmet on and I certainly wouldn't buy anything just because it 'looks' good. (That ain't going to help you when you're sliding down the road).
  9. I would get a full faced helmet also. You will still be doing 60 km/h on local roads and that is fast enough to do some serious damage.
  10. Full face.

    There are an alarming number of accidents where riders have slipped the front wheel around a corner in the wet and gone down face first onto the deck where a "skull cap" helmet offers no prtection against.

    safety aside, full face protects against bees/insects at 60kmh and people can't identify you easily when you kick their door in for pulling out in front of you. They also cannot punch you in the head and a full face helmet delivers a badd arsed head butt when scrapping with stupid cagers.
    Also, you can hear your mp3 player easier due to less wind noise not to mention that you can't hear the cagers yelling insults at you when you lane split past them in peak hour. :p
  11. jamie oliver stylz :roll:

    if you want more protection but can't get by without your Latte then get a nolan flip face :grin: