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scooter gear, bike gear the same?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by WaiNLyn, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    one of my friends told me that I don't need as much gear (cos i'm buying a scooter) as compared to people who ride bikes.
    Is that true?
    or what are people's opinions of it?

  2. oh i forgot to add.

    What do people perceive as absolutely essential and what can be "collected" at a later stage...
  3. Personally I wouldn't ride a scooter without full leathers, boots, gloves, helmet and a police escort front, rear and both sides!!! They scare the hell out of me.
  4. If you fall off at 60kph, the road and anything else you might hit or slide along hurts just as much. Doesn't matter what you ride.

    Gloves will stop you lacerating the crap out of your hands when you fall off.

    Proper supportive boots will help prevent you snapping your ankles in half.

    Etc.. etc....
  5. Although it might look a bit odd to ride a scooter with full leathers etc, I wouldn't ride without. Same results in falling off a scooter as a bike.
  6. I have a bike and a scooter and atgatt on both but I wear different gear. Mainly because I ride the scooter in the city and the bike in the hills. On the scooter I wear draggins, 3/4 boots, textile jacket and gloves and a helmet of course. On the bike its usually leathers etc.
  7. Dont think of it as scooter gear or bike gear. Its asphalt gear.
  8. On a more practical note , the post by twistngo above sounds right
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    Looks like he forgot to put his hands down first, before his face, when going over the handlebars..
  11. Pretty much the same apart from the scarf.
  12. +1
  13. if your only going to wear gloves and a helmet, please put some garbage bags and a dustpan and brush on the bike, so we can clean your flesh of the road. Crashing any sort of two wheeled conveyance is going to hurt, how much it hurts depends on how much protective gear you have on.
  14. Oh no, definitely be getting more, just keen to hear what others think :)
    DIdn't end up getting my scooter :(

    but already looking at jacket, boots, gloves, pants etc etc.. i'm terrified of falling :)
  15. i'm not too fond of the slide either

    best thing i've heard is "dress for the slide not the ride"
  16. Hey WaiNLyn

    +1 to what others have about dressing for the slide.

    My experience in Sydney through most of the larger stores means you have to say that you intend to ride a bike not a scooter if want any advice or assistance with gear. (hopefully this has changed in the past couple of years though or maybe the fact you are considering a Madass is enough)

    In all stores that I've been to (when I started riding a scooter) all told me that I didn't need anything other than a helmet and not to "waste my money" on anything else. One even started laughing outright when I looked at boots. Be interesting to see if could chase them up for medical bills etc if you came off and had followed their advice.