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Scooter Gang B105

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by virtual_circuit, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. I thought this was funny when i heard they where creating a scooter gang because he always gets picked on for riding a scooter =p Anyways they have a gallery of the people who joined up on the B105 website and some of the pictures are quite funny (i.e. guy on drag track on his scooter). Thought i would share! I find it funny how almost all the people look like exactly how i pictured scooter rides in my head... i suppose some stereotypes are partially true =p

  2. Plenty of Ginger beers there :LOL:
  3. lol 102 signed up! gonna be gheyfest!
  4. I wonder if the South Australian bikie laws would apply to these guys...
  5. I suppose so.
  6. All looks very gay, literally :LOL:
  7. They gotta lay off all the gear... Seriously, I thought i saw thongs once.
  8. What is it with scooter people wearing skirts and thongs??

    Gang is awesome tho, havent laughed so hard in ages

  9. LMAO at the guy wearing the 'Booti Hunter' t-shirt with ciggy posing beside his nasty looking scooter...what a gimp! :jerk:

    Spethal award goes to the moron sitting on his surfboard while riding. Safety first buddy! The runner-up spethal award goes to the delusioned soul who put a Ducati Performance sticker on their Honda scooter...how dare you! *issues a turkey slap!* :p
  10. And the women were even worse... :roll:
  11. I wonder how fast that scooter towing the boat would go? It would be ironic if the outboard was more powerful than the scooter :grin:
  12. Scooter riders are riders just like you guys, let them have a gay gang, and look gay , and ride gay scooters.
    Your no better than BMW and KTM riders......they are to cool for school too.
    Scooter riders dont need safety gear as they are the rider elite and never crash, unlike motorcycle riders, you all think your Rossi, (who is also gay) and you guys crash alot too.

    Learn from scooter riders, make friends with one and learn how to ride,

    I often ask them when pulled up at lights, " where did you learn to ride so well ?"
    they reply, " I dunno I just ride like this"
    " Well it must take Phukin balls to ride that in traffic with no safety gear, i dont take you for a stupid prick even though you look like one, Im giving you the benefit of the doubt, so mate, how did you learn to ride so good ?"

    I of course ride a mountain bike with knobbies, I do wear full gear and have a speaker to make the noises with a mic in my helmet to make the broom broom noises. But I wear safety gear and i can keep up with Scooters.

  13. Awwww, look at the beginner motorbike riders who have found somebody lower on the coolness scale than them. Teasing scooter riders and calling them gay is COOL!
  14. #14 conspiracytheorist, Mar 19, 2009
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