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Scooter for my 92 year old neighbour?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Renee_AW, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. My neighbour, George, is 92 and since I got my bike has been talking to me about wanting to ride. He is an amazing man & 100% with it intellecutally but a few years ago he had the lower part of one of his legs amputated for health reasons.

    He wants to ride a bike but knows he wont be able to handle it. He spoke to me the other day about getting a scooter but I told him I thought it would be difficult with his leg but suggested one of the ones I have seen about lately with two wheels on the front so he doesn't need to bother about putting his feet down.

    btw...he tried a car with special controls so he didn't need to use the prosthetic limb on the controls but couldn't get along with it.

    George is a great friend & neighbour....he is always out an about but has to depend on other people or taxis & would love some indpendence. He tried one of the companies who sell the scooter type mobiles for older people but we live on a big hill & they said it wouldn't get to the top.

    I am just wondering if anyone has any experiences or advice.

  2. has he got a bike license?
  3. No, he doesn't have a licence but is keen to do the pre-learner course. He has looked at the RTA website & knows about the course & tests.

    I spoke to him about it & he still wants to do it. I am apprehensive about him riding a scooter; because he is old (that is not nice I know but I feel protective) and because he hasn't been on the road as a driver for a long while.

    I am asking here because I would like to know other peoples experiences and tell him about them.
  4. He won't get his license so don't sweat it.
    you would be better off pillioning him.
  5. this is a really tough situation

    and ive got no reply cause i dont know what to think

    automatic scooter possibly, but hows his balance and stuff like that, dont want to see the bloke hurt himself
  6. He doesn't mean this does he?
    But he might be a bit upset with that option
    Otherwise, hmmm....surely if he got an auto (assuming he would pass other tests) he would be able to ride it okay?

    It'd just come down to basic road sense and balance?
  7. im guessing your talking about a spyder can am


    not very cheap as he would have to buy the semi automatic version
  8. That is why I thought one of the three wheeler scooters might be good.
  9. This one doesn't doesn't make the hill to the top of the road.

    I think Smee is probably right but would like George to make that decision with the options to consider.

    As I said - he is a good friend & neighbour.
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  11. I just read the title and got scared
  12. If he's capable enough that he won't endanger himself or others any more than the next person, then I say go for it! And the Piaggio sounds good, or maybe a scooter with sidecar - a guy regularly comes to my bike club on a 650 Burgman with sidecar...

  13. I run experiments on older drivers for a living.

    I've been in a car with some 90 year olds and I've felt perfectly safe. Others, I didn't think we'd survive the test circuit.

    Age really isn't everything (don't get me wrong - it's a big factor in working out fitness to drive, but it isn't the only factor).

    If he can pass the test to the satisfaction of the instructor then why shouldn't he ride?

    If he doesn't pass then at least he will have made the attempt which makes him a better man at 92 than some people are for their entire lives.
  14. My general concern for a person of this age on a scooter is that they are more fragile so a small crash could cause significanly more damage.
  15. The CanAm Spyder is, unfortunately, not LAMS compliant so it's probably not practical (although there are rumours of a smaller 660cc model being produced next year). Brakes on the Spyder are foot operated linked brakes as well so this could be an issue. The Piaggio may be a better bet.

    I wouldn't worry too much - if he gets trained and passes the test (and I suspect that he will need medical assessment as well) then he should be OK. I can't see any instructor or tester going easy on him (probably the reverse).
  16. Good point, but if he still holds a valid car license he might be eligible for any capacity ride once he passes the test. He'd still need to get through his L's on a regular bike though.
  17. A guy in his 80s on a scooter hit a dog earlier this week and died, bearing out geeth's point above.