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Scooter Fools

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by UDLOSE, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. And they wonder why we make fun of them =D>. I saw this at lunch. Clearly the first guy parked completely wrong and they other two just jambed their scoots in where they could. I can laugh about it because I don't ride to work anymore, if I was riding the thread title would be 'inconsiderate ****s'


  2. all i can say is.... what the f*cuk?
  3. I know that street, in North Sydney right, very steep hill. I'm guessing silver scooter was worried about it faling over and put it pointing up hill. The other two aren't that bad, making the most out of the situation without taking up more room then they need to.
  4. That's how scooters breed.
    You should have turned a hose on them.
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  6. Love it! I'll see if they are there today.

    Ps yeh it is nth syd
  7. I don't see anything TOO wrong with that. It's a bit untidy, but they're making reasonably efficient use of space...
  8. This is an efficient use of space for scooters:
  9. you've been converted?
  10. I have been for 9+ months! Don't miss it one bit. I only really ride the mountains and track now.