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Scooter Expo - Sydney

Discussion in 'NSW' started by RacingTurtles, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. The above mentioned scooter expo will take place at St Ives HART on Saturday 10th of Sept. This should be a fun event thanks to a number of test rides that will be available, and the fact that the rides will take place on their not too fast, but quite twisty and technically interesting track (it used to be a police training ground before HART took over!) Think of it as a kind of track day, except with scooters :)

    Some of the rides that will be available on the day include:

    A number of Vespas , including a manual PX150 - see what the classic scootering is all about... and have a go at changing the gears using a twist grip with your left hand. Should be fun!

    Yamaha Tmax - possibly the most motorcycle-like handling scooter on the market, thanks to its engine mounted in the frame rather than the swingarm, and the fact that once you peel off the skin, the frame itself looks not all that different from regular motorcycles.

    Aprilia Mana - a real motorcycle, except with scooter-like auto transmission... is this the future of motorcycling? I don't know, but we are definitely going to see more models like it coming on the market - Honda at least are testing their own version...

    Piaggio MP3 - the famous three wheeler. See for yourself just how similar or how different it handles in comparison to regular two wheels.

    SYM Symba - Honda Cub step-through is the most popular vehicle in the world (over 60 million produced). In fact some of them were built for Honda by SYM. Well, Symba is sort of like the Cub, just slightly modernised. Still uses semi-auto transmission though, like a postie bike: there is a gear lever, but no clutch!

    ... those are just some that caught my fancy - there will be a number of other models available.

    More details, and bookings for test rides are available here: