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'Scooter Death epidemic imminent'

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by dan, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. For f$%*s sake, I'm sick of geriatric people giving us riders a bad name! :evil: :rofl:


    AN epidemic of deaths and injuries among elderly and disabled Australians riding mobility scooters is just around the corner, a new Australian study said.

    Researchers from the Monash University Accident and Research Centre (MUARC) identified a serious emerging trend of such deaths and injuries, and said the problem needed immediate attention and a national approach.
    Their study found six people died and more than 150 were taken to hospital with injuries from scooter accidents in Victoria between 2000 and 2005, with people aged over 80 most at risk.

    MUARC injury prevention chair Professor Joan Ozanne-Smith said the real extent of injuries associated with scooters could be up to five times higher due to inadequate hospital surveillance systems.

    She said the problem would only increase as the population aged and scooters became more popular with elderly and disabled people wanting to maintain an active, independent life.

    "We would not allow a new drug into the market without stringent assessment and regulations, so the same caution should apply with new products such as mobility scooters," Prof Ozanne-Smith said.

    "Leadership needs to be provided urgently to take control of what may be an impending epidemic of deaths in injuries associated with mobility scooters."
    The report found all the deaths and half the injuries resulted from major falls.

    Other causes of injuries included collisions with cars, prams, bushes, trees and fences, and tip-overs on uneven surfaces or gutters.

    Head wounds, and face, leg and hip fractures were the most common injuries, it found.
  2. Just make 'em wear full leathers and a helmet :LOL:
  3. Why not call them what they really are - motorised wheelchairs? :roll:

    She's right though - just think whats going to happen when some those here get into them... :p :LOL:

    High speed wheelchair runs up the Spur and down the GOR... :LOL: :LOL:
  4. I hate these studies... the world is an amazing wonderful dangerous place filled with risks and pain. If you a senior then you have had a great run and know about alot more pitfalls than me.

    My thnking is enjoy life be it on a bike or scooter disabled or not while you can, and cut funding for usless studdies into common sense... OF COURSE INEXPERENCED aged riders are going to get hurt... so do 17yr olds!!!
  5. I'd rather see the 80year olds get around on scooters instead of Yank-tanks or old Holdens - at least they are less of a menace to everyone around them!
  6. Ohh yes, I followed an octegenarian in a 'Noah had one' Fairlane the other day......40 in a 60 limit, heavy traffic, nowhere to pass....bloody dangerous.
  7. All deaths attributed to major falls, this is unacceptable. Are these things that unstable.

    Get some freakin training wheels or helmets on them now!

  8. Wow, a whole lot of people over 80 will die or break their hip some time in the next few years.
    Glad my tax dollars paid for that important groundbreaking research.
  9. Hmm, electric wheelchairs. Is that how they execute the disabled?
  10. Sometimes i think about how I would go about setting up a company that can do this kind of research for them...

    Take the money, ask some Year 5 or 6 kid to write a report and hand it to em...

    I remember once a study being done on sleeping. He came up with groundbreaking suggestions like,

    pick a darkened corner of the room, light can affect the body's ability to sleep...

    make sure there is little or no noise, this will afect you also..

    Oh Duh! :roll:
  11. I can see my grant application now. The effects on the cardiovascular system of angles of attack exeeding 45 degrees on motorcycles in excess of 900cc capacity, when compounded by increased endorphin production......gimme gimmee gimmmmmeeee :grin:
  12. I can just picture it becoming standard for all mobility scooters to be fitted with roll-over protection, seat belts and airbags (ABS braking and electronic stability control optional extras :LOL:).
  13. Maybe those three wheeled electric scooters should have four wheels and outriggers. and require that you have your cataracts removed before use.
  14. I'll be in on that research...
  15. Me too Me too :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. What a pack of brainless fools they are at MUARC.

    They are just picking up on a letter I had published in the Herald Sun a few months ago. I can't believe that it has taken them this long to realize a fact that we could have all told them ages ago....

    For the record, here is the content of what I had published around 20th November 2005:

    Should I seek legal redress for an idea that I came up with first?

    Guys - these people at MUARC are a threat to your existence. They would like to see motorcycles removed from our roads. They don't ride and they can't see it from the right perspective. If they actually had a bike licence - then I doubt that they would be coming from the same direction as they are now.

    The following section of my submission was not published:

  17. Geez, you'd think that if someone over 80 had an accident in one of these things, they'd probably not be that worried...I mean, of the 6 that died (1 a year), how many died as a direct result of the accident and how many coz they were getting on a bit?

    What Monash really mean, is 'give us a huge research grant and we can go and come up with ridiculous suggestions to save people from themselves (and pay us lots too)'
  18. This is precisely and exactly what they are after. Its all about money and justifying their existence - which when it comes to motorcycles is pretty poor.

    As an example I cite the Rider Hazard Awareness Study that they are currently undertaking and which I submitted myself to recently. The Simulator they used was a heap of crap. I would hate to think what they will come up with as a result of the input made by riders to researchers who don't ride and can't really see it through a rider's eyes - no matter how hard they try...... :( :( :evil: :evil:
  19. And some of you doubtless wondered why I was so hard on the Ms Tunnicliff researcher from the Queensland Uni?

    These uni and other organisations like the NTC are simply in the buisness of producing research to get further Government funding, the more shocking their so called statistics are, the more the Government pays attention to it and the more likely they are to get further funding in the future.

    My Mother had a motorised three wheeled scooter in Ballina for some years. She used it regualrly, she never had an accident or fell off it, it never overturned.
    Ballina is a popular retirement town, hundreds of elderly people use those scooters, I think Ballina Hospital and the local council is unlikely to agree with the figures presented by Monash.
    In reality, thousands of elderly people use the scooters every day, all over Oz, six deaths is not even a percentage of a percentage.

    I think it's time that all studies involving our own form of two wheeled transport must be done by someone who actually rides a motorcycle or scooter.
    At the very least the study team MUST be made to hire a motorcyce competent consultant.
    That person(s) will need to be a current rider, not a retired one, not an ex bike cop, not an ex GP racer who seldom rode on the streets of Oz.

    John mate...this is something you and the MRAA guys should be seriously looking at...find us an email address for the correct politician to contact and I am sure we will all be happy to send that person our thoughts on what constitutes an acceptable motorcycle study.

    Cheers: Jaq.
  20. Who remembers that report on licencing from last year that they did for the Tas Govt. It was all about reducing exposure (i.e. fewer riders).

    The same person who wrote that (ex MUARC) is the one who made the comments at the Qld Road Safety Summit... https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=20332

    Someone mentioned to me today that there's no "How to Get a Motorcycle Licence" leaflets on display at VicRoads offices. Cars, Trucks etc. etc. - no motorcycle ones.

    There well may be an innocent explanation but sometimes even paranoids have enemies... :roll: :LOL: :LOL: