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Scooter crash

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by p_o_s, Nov 30, 2005.

  1. One of my friends just had a crash on her scooter.

    She was driving on a road with cars parked on both sides. A car driver pulled out of a driveway without looking and gave her nowhere to go. She swerved, skidded, and hit the deck on the other side of the road. Luckily, no traffic was coming in the other direction.

    Besides the initial shock, and a few small cuts, bruises and a strained wrist, she in fine thank god.

    Only for her gloves (that were bought last Friday) she would have had serious cuts on her hands.

    Armour, armour, armour, dress for the fall
  2. p-o-s wrote
    So very true . Glad she is reasonably unscathed :D .
  3. Typical, but a new piece of safety gear and down you go. I'm going to ride in the nude from now on.
  4. I had to pick up a new scooter for the missus last night. Rode it home in peak hour traffic. i hadn't even travelled 500m from the dealer when a car pulled out in front of me. Straight on the brakes, locked the front but managed to keep upright. Bloody cager looked straight at me before cutting in too. Needless to say at the next red i filtered to his car and gave him one hell of a blasting :evil: . Also I got a nod from a guy on a GSXR600. I didn't think scooter riders got any recognition from bike riders :D Must have been because I had all my gear on. probably looked a little wierd. Most scooter riders in Adelaide wear nothing but shorts and t-shirts!
  5. You're showing your naked-idity fetish again..... :D
  6. This will increase visability, good thinking. Make sure you wear a scarf in winter or you may catch a cold.
  7. I usually get a nod as well but then I'm wearing armour too. Perhaps they nod and don't realise it's a scooter until too late! :p
    Yesterday, most sports bike riders I saw wore nothing but shorts and t-shirts too, so it's not just the cappuchino set.
  8. wednesday the harley rider i lane split with was waering jeans and t shirt. a black honda rider was in shorts and shirt , so it spreads thru all the 'styles' of bike in the warmer weather.
  9. Re: Sccoter crash

    Well its great to hear there are at least a few sensible scooter riders out there who wear the appropriate gear. Glad to hear she is ok.
  10. I have to say that I nod to all scooter riders and maybe (if I'm lucky) 1 in 20 will nod back.

    :shock: :? :evil:
  11. I nod to all that look geared up in fullface and jacket... But yeah I get about 1 in 20 nods back from dam scooters!
  12. Even when I pull up beside a scooter at a set of lights they just want to ignore you. If you say hello, they respond but they just ignore the nod of the head.

    Has anyone ver noticed if scooter riders nod to each or acknowledge each other with another signal?
  13. i nod to bikes as well as scooters... but thats been covered in a previous post.. some nod some dont... nothing to get bent outta shape about...
  14. I religiously armor up for every journey on my mighty 50cc scoot. Even if it is only trackie dacks, sneakers and a el cheapo k-mart flannelette shirt, full face and gloves.

    I just know, that if I ever get slack and ride just once in thongs & t-shirt, that's the day i'm gunna drop it.

    On the waving to bikers thing, a lot of the older scooter riders are used to abuse from bike riders. Ive had pilion passengers punch me as a bike goes past, or riders "doing a near miss", my scooter kicked over by a biker who said my scooter should be parked by the dumpster instead of the marked bike parking bays (stalked that shopping ctr for a week trying to get revenge) and all sorts of jeers, gestures and language.

    I have noticed that in the past couple of years, as scooters have become more accepted (well, more numerous) that bikers have mostly stopped the abuse of scooters and occasionally, you sometimes even get a nod or wave from a biker, occasionally.

    So don't be surprised if a scooter rider doesn't return your wave or nod. Most still remember the bad days of scooter/biker relations.
  15. I nod at everyone through my full face helmet, gloves and armour jacket. I wear 10 hole Docs, and other than going to work, I wear jeans. So that's why I am shopping for some Draggin Jeans for Xmas.

    Anyway I do nod to everyone, I find a lot of the cruiser, tourer and some sports bike riders nod back. However other scooter riders often just look straight ahead. Not impressed at all.

    I am a part time ambulance officer, and I just hate to tell you what a 40km/h stack / crash can look like. Let's say lots of plastic surgery.

    I rather sweat a bit and look a little too serious for a scooter than loose my GF and have kids call me a monster.

    Good luck.
  16. I find that a lot of harley riders and people on big cruisers don’t where much protective gear (I don’t mean on the highways) and this is just a general observation im not saying that all of them do it I’m not even suggesting that they do it all the time I live in a town where we get a few riders come through on long weekends and stuff.
    Is it because they are on big bikes that are comfortable and think they are sitting in there lounge chairs at home?
  17. 70 cc ?? oh i think they know its not a real bike :LOL: , are the nods continous ....like up and down ? coz if they are it could be hysterical laughter :wink:
  18. they usually dont even know you are there becuase they are either talking on their mobile phones or making sure their shopping hasnt fallen out of their basket on the front :LOL:
  20. wow Rumpy you've got quite a chip on your shoulder there