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Scooter crash outside southbank a few months ago. Update....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by smee, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. In the friday night thread someone mentioned a few months ago about the aftermath of a guy who was involved in an accident on his scooter and he was saying it didn't look good.
    I'm happy to announce that by chance I met the bloke at the richmond Shell on Punt rd today.
    He was on one crutch as I was about to mount my bike and told me out of the blue that he had a prang on his scooter and for me to take care.
    We talked for a bit and he mentioned the details of his accident as much as he could remember.
    He was going straight on city road and Tboned a car that was turning right across his path.
    He was subsequently thrown onto the car hitting the window frame then over the roof beofe he slid along the ground on his back.
    His saving grace was that the grounnd was wet cos it had rained and he slid rather than tumbled along the ground.
    He left his jacket and gloves at home because "he didn't have to go far for work and it was warm"
    His injuries were an injured shoulder, fractured femur that had "exploded" from the socket.
    He was in danger of losing his leg due to the swelling but the surgeons opened his leg up on one side along a 15 cm downward cut in order to drain the swelling and save his leg.
    to see him, a total stranger to me standing there gingerly walking with one crutch was great considering what I had read about him on the southbank friday thread.
    And YES he plans to ride again as soon as he is able.
    I told him about friday nights and he asked if anyone saw the actual accident but I don't think any of our crew did.

  2. by telling him of fridays.. did u invite him??

    as a scooter rider myself, i found it a bit of a a personal pleasure to be invited to the adelaide coffee night, to meet a few of the regulars, also it gave me a chance to see and ride what is potentially my new bike (in 24hrs) :)

    good to hear he plans to ride again~
  3. Thank God he's ok. That's awesome to hear! :grin: :grin: :grin:

    I rode through shortly after that stack and it didn"t look pretty. I wanted to throw up when I saw the scoot. :(

    I'm stoked to hear he's up and doing well. I wish him the best with the remainder of his recovery. :grin:

    Thanks for the update smee. :)
  4. Thank Almighty, he's OK.
  5. Nooooooooo

    I said he was filthy scooter riding scum and we motorbike riders wouldn't be seen dead with him. :twisted:

    Yep I did say he was welcome to come down as it wasn't far from where he worked.
    The problem is he is still not supposed to drive (which he does) as he is still on painkillers.
    I felt for the poor guy and it had to be my slowest most careful ride home I have had in ages.
    I wished him all the best and hoped we would see him on a friday.
  6. good of you to do that smee, u probably made his day.

    the nights out with a few of the adelaide members here got my interest back into getting a bike.. and well.. today.. its in my hands... :D