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Scooter Bling

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Z900, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. I was wondering what bling factor is available for scooters and what are the most sought after parts and accesories???

  2. While I was waiting in Elizabeth Street for DuHAST to turn up for our lunch on Wednesday last week, a Vespa went past with about 100 various lights on the front, looked mad !!
  3. Yeah, mod style, with 10 mirrors and 10 headlights.

    They look... Er, interesting!

    It's either those or the NOS bottles eh?
  4. check on ebay (especially the UK site), it depends what kinda look you're going for (race/chrome etc) but I have found a whole bunch of carbon-fiber effect stuff on there, from mirrors to body panels. diamond/checker-plate floorboards are also really common on there.

    good luck
  5. Ok this might sound a bit funny but is there softer/stickier tyres available for scooters and if so what brands.
  6. for what kinda scoot? I dunno about the 10in size tires, but in 12in and above, I've heard that teh best are the MIchelin Pilot Sport with teh Bridgestone Hoop coming close. I have Pirelli SL26 on my Runner and they're alright, but the guys in the Runner forums swear by Pilot Sports.


    :grin: :cool:
  7. i am just trying to get as much info as possible on scooter parts and acc as i am thinking of doing some importing :grin:
  8. Man, that's so 80's! If you'd said bulk mad, that would have been the icing on teh cake!
    As for scooter bling, are the alternators big enough to run neons?

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. i have carbon fibre style mirrors, aswell as a few parts i have had chromed...
  10. Well there is a show called "Pimp My Wheels" in Italy, which is basically the same thing but for Scoots, try checking out the sight, I havn't had much of a look but you might get some idea.


    Oh yeah and sorry its in italian.
  11. But you should be able to find your way around.
  12. most of them look worse
  13. Good question, I have a set of ultra violet cold cathode neons I want to
    install under the floorboards of my black PX200E.

    Then all I need is a clutch that goes "fwoosshhhhhh!" when I change gears. But it's a PX so it'd be hard to find anything loud enough to cover up the "clunk" when I change down.

    I used to run two thicker blue neons on my pushbike frame and they were just powered by 12v worth of AAs all strapped together under the seat. You wouldn't even have to run neons off the bike itself if you didn't want. One of those plastic holder that can carry 8 AAs, some solder and electrical tape, a simple switch and you're on your way to bling.

  14. It's the back pressure being released from a blow off valve, not the clutch. don't talk at maccas carpark coz you will embarrass me. :grin: anyone who went to the effort to neon up a pushbike really shouldn't tease people