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Scooter/Bike Hybrids in Australia?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by RaindancerAU, Mar 11, 2007.

  1. Anyone know of any of these type of machines that are being sold in Oz?

    I remember reading a thread somewhere here a while back but I really cannot find it.

    I'm referring to scooter/bikes like the CPI GTR:


    I'd love to get one to help flatten the learning curve for my g/f - who will have enough of a time just learning to ride, let alone clutch operation and gear changing.

    I'm hoping she can get comfortable riding on a CVT then start on clutch work later. She has yet to drive a manual cage as my sports car was stolen and stripped before I got the chance to teach her - I've now got an automatic sedan for practicality's sake.
  2. [​IMG]
    Not a CVT so you still need to change gears - but you don't have to worry about a clutch so should still be good for a learner. They're also real cheap to buy 2nd hand and won't lose much if anything in value. So I reckon starting off on a cheap postie then moving up to a conventional 250cc/LAMs bike would make a lot more sense than forking out money on a new bike/scooter hybrid (if they even exist here).
  3. Have you looked at a Gilera DNA ? They're around the $4k mark.
    People either love em or hate em. All the functionality of a scoot (fully auto) with the look (sort of) a sports bike.
    Theres a blue one (180cc) for $4k at Peter Stevens Melbourne. It's advertised on the Trading Post site.
  4. Thanks for the replies folks :)

    Didn't realise the C110(?) was clutchless. Seems like a good idea to me.

    Though I have the feeling she would not dig the styling.

    I came across the DNA when I was trying to find the CPI. I saw the ad in the trading post too. I couldn't find any info on distributors or anyone selling them in Australia however :?

    The DNA or CPI would definitely hit the sweet spot IMHO - just the right thing I feel before putting her onto a GPX250 or VTR250 I think.

    Wish I could find more info about getting one in Oz though.
  5. Anyone know where/if those two models are available anywhere in Perth?
  6. A car thief that can drive a manual???

    WTF??? ;-)

  7. The CT110 has a clutch. But it's auto so so don't have to worry to much about it. Only four gears as well so again not much to worry about. As I know you can get the CT110 in all states as it is ussed by Aussie Post.

    Also I heard that they are the best selling motorcycle in Australia, probally for reasons above + they are also built as an agricultural machine.

    You can pick a 2nd hand one up for around 1.5k or a new one for under 4k.

    Happy hunting.