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Scooter/bike for my wife... quick suggestions!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Jabba, Feb 14, 2016.

  1. So my wife dropped this bombshell on me out of nowhere. She said nonchalantly "I should get a scooter or something to ride to work so you can have the car when you are looking after the kids." So I parried with, "you better get your learners before the 19th of march when the new LAMs system kicks in" Now I better be on the ball with this and have scooters and bikes all lined up to check out.

    The only thing is, it has to be cheap. I am thinking sub $2000. She works locally and will need to take a laptop and stuff with her. It would be best if the thing could go 100 so we could ride places together all romantic like.

    Help me! Fire us the suggest-a-tron!
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  2. U can just about get a ninja 250 for $2k
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    There's that ugly word again. motor scooter. Avoid scoots please at any price (Andy Close is gonna cane me, sorry Andy). Hopefully you've heard it all before. The whole experience is a real downer unless your totally off your trolley doing 20 kph in Ubud or Chang Rai having never owned a license or a schoolie in europe/ asia where you can ride a scoot unlicensed & unregistered if it's under 90cc approx.
    THEN what really fkn annoys me is the brain snap mentality upon ownership. 9/10 times when you see one of these fkwits riding on the road, they completely forget about the protective gear below the head.
    It simply staggers me when you see a drop dead gorgeous woman (& visa versa I suppose) riding around, smiling her tits off, clad in a bra, a thong & a pair of flip flops or scuffs doing 70 clicks or over an hour !
    end lesson.
  4. It does get my attention, too.

    I just don't get the anti-scooter business.

    Assume, just for the moment, some one does most of their riding in the suburbs of Sydney or Melbourne, a scooter seems the obvious choice.
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  5. "I just don't get the anti-scooter business" CrazyCamCrazyCam

    some don't :banghead:
    think demographics outside the square ... your logic is obvious however very debatable. your on the same page as the majority of scoot salespersons/ importers.
  6. Get a cheap Ninja with a top box ;)
    Room for a picnic blanket..,
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  7. I'd just search bikesales and filter your state and max price of $2000, maybe max km and min yr if you want, and scroll through, see what's available. Ditto with gumtree.
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  8. Warning: If you get her a scooter she might want an upgrade in a few months!
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  9. Assuming that if she is eyeing scooters, then your missus is thinking standard type ergos.


    CT110 Postie comes with a rack on the back so good for the practicality side of things. Probably not so good for the 100km/hr date rides though.

    If she's open to super sports then there are plenty of YZF-R15's around.
  10. [QUOTE="_.

    If she's open to super sports then there are plenty of YZF-R15's around.[/QUOTE]
    super sports?
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  11. Well... Sports ish...

    More the style/ride position that I'm getting at UG
  12. still don't get you
  13. C'mon mate, we all know a fully sick YZF150 with a yoshi is far quicker than your bike....it's like totally a super super-sports...
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  14. image.

    This style of ride position / bike style


    Vs this one.

    Maybe I used the wrong description saying super sport or sport.
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  15. but he was talking about the 125
    still faster than yours though
  16. I'm known to be ponderously slow.
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  17. $2k isn't much to play with.

    I didn't want to suggest scooters.
  18. I always ride within the posted limit.

    We do mph here don't we?
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    why not
    jabba did
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  20. 10% or are you a forward thinking man and embracing the bandied about 15%? :whistle: