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scooter and sidesaddle riders only need reply

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by scooter, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. If you scooter riders see me riding on of thesearound town, will you hang shit on me in the same way that real bikers do to you? :LOL:

    Hey I really want to try one of these out they look like fun. :LOL:
  2. Maybe they will, but the cops will definitely ticket you!
    Banned in Victoria, in no uncertain terms :?:
  3. Yep, there was that whole controversy over the fact the Vic Police wnated to use them but found out they'd be breaking the law if they did (so they wanted to change the law, but only for them).
  4. Why the ban Titus?

    They don't look illegal?
  5. They're banned under the same legislation that keeps pocket bikes off the roads/footpaths. Anything over 200w is a motor vehicle, the Segway puts out 1500.
  6. I should do more research, 1500 Watts!~!! that's awesome.
  7. Under the Bracks Anti-fun legislation, of course :wink:
  8. I should research more carefully :oops: - it's actually 1.5kW per motor, and it has two. So that's the equivalent of 4hp, puts it on a par with an old Roman Chariot. Get a few of 'em and you could re-enact Ben-Hur.
  9. i did a large public relations assignment on them, they were a great idea for changing the way people move from a to b, but alas they never quite made it. pretty awesome technology in them.

    sad that they are legislated against in some parts of the world, who cares if the odd grandma gets run over if it's going to help the environment :twisted:
  10. Just imagine hoards of suits cluttering up the bike lane getting to work on these contraptions. :)