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Scooter almost stolen!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ksystemz, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. Went to maccas for dinner by myself , when i got to sit down 2 "muslims" walked out of mcdonalds. They kept looking at me and laughing . so i decided ill take a peak to see if there trying to do stuff to my bike , and what did i see them trying to steal the damn thing , i walk out and they piss of running. Stupid part is they were on there break from hungry jacks. They had there pants on still. should i go to the cops or leave it

  2. What exactly were they doing to Your bike?
    Picking it up, trying to get it started?
    Or just pointing and looking like immature little shits?
  3. shall call the cop to see what they can do. But do not misuse "musilims" which may raise the doubt of deicrimination. cheers
  4. Trying to get it started , well that what they were. Not racist but i dont know any other names for there culture .
  5. I would speak to the police. I'm with Eric on this one, be careful of stereotyping muslims, I have been to countries where the majority of people are muslims and did not see a single crime committed so it is unfair to stereo type them.
  6. I think its okay to say of middle-eastern appearance, but NOT muslim.
    Middle-easteners (<---made up word for the day?) can be of many religions.
  7. Speak to the cops, also speak to HJ and inform them what there staff members were up to.
    Also see if Maccas had cameras up and running, that way you have some back up.
  8. Maccas should have cams goingwith bother after his finished work. Didnt even get to eat my dinner!
  9. which maccas was it?
    if its in melbourne ill ride down and we can sit outside and wait for them.

  10. Uuummmm well i just looked at the First post from the person this happened to and the persons details are
    Location: West Sydney
    Motorbike/s: TGB 101R 150cc Scooter / Postie!
  11. . . . . thats because the local laws are probably very strict. eg. you'll either get your hand chopped off for stealing, whipped for having a tinnie in public, and stoned for having an affair !
  12. Damn,,,,ya see,,all this bullshit about not spanking kids and the like,,,good clip around the earhole is what they are needing :evil: