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Scooter advice PLEASE for Newbie

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by starfishcracker, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm currently looking around for a scooter and want to know what you guys think i should be looking for. Any help on the following questions would be great! I'm looking for a 50cc scooter and I should have about $3000 to spend. It will be used to get to work and back each day 30km's each way, and messing around on the weekend with my girl on the back.....

    First of all should i go for a cheaper NEW scooter or a higher spec used scooter? Would i get more for my money if i go for a better bike that's done a few kms??

    Second thing is - should i be looking for 4 stroke or 2 stroke? Is there a difference in reliability, performance, fuel consumption etc....?

    Thirdly - Water cooled or air cooled?

    Lastly, what scooters can people reccomend so that i get the most from my money (new and used).

    Thanks very much in advance

    Regards, Steve
  2. 50cc is ok so long as you're not planing on ever using it on roads with speed limits about 60km/h.. maybeee 70, but if you want to take your girl on the back forget it.

    i think you should get a second hand scoot, that way you can afford something around the 100cc 2-stroke mark ie


    4 or 2 stroke doesn't matter much, obviously a 2-stroke will be more powerful than a 4-stroke of the same displacement. i had a 50cc 2-stroke scoot for a small amount of time before i saved more pennies and got the 250 and it was ok... sort of.

    water cooled or air cooled no big deal either way imo, mine was air, worked fine.
  3. My 2 cents worth.

    1. If your daily trip is 30km, 50cc is going to get old real quick. Also, 50cc two up is going to be real hard unless yr sitting traffic with all the cagers. I think you should be looking at least at a 125cc (obviously for $3000 it's gonna be used).
    2. 2 strokes are fine but they can be noisy, smelly, and if you're not keen on ensuring you maintain it properly, then yes it may get to be unreliable. 4 strokes are much easy to live with for beginners.
    3. Cooling system is probably not too much of an issue. Air cooled bikes can last a very long time too.
    4. For a first scooter I always recommend to go with a name brand so that if you don't like it you won't lose too much money. In that price bracket most of the money should be lost already tho. A lot of the asian brands are better than they were even a year ago so there is a lot more choice. It all comes down to riding a lot of different ones and seeing which one you like the best. In that price bracket, I'd try and find a cheap Bug Espresso.