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Scooter Advertising

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Envy-t, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. Yesterday my wife and I were talking about bikes and she said it amazes her how many business people she sees zipping around the city with no protective clothing other than Armani and Prada, lol.

    I said it was to do with the advertising of scooters, as you always see some city chick/guy zipping round a corner with pink tie or skirt flailing in the wind.

    She is not a rider and never will be, but she said isn't 60 kays 60 kays regardless of what your riding?
    Well filling up the cage later on yesterday I had to take a pic of this chick getting ready to get back on her scoot. I honestly don't know what goes through there minds.

  2. Were you taking picture of what she was wearing or how she looked in it? :LOL:

    And, how did you get the pic without her noticing?
  3. more importantly, did u get her phone number for me?

    well did you? :grin: :grin:
  4. I'm sure they they're draggin' stockings :grin:
  5. Hm. Seeing your location is in my house, I think I can safely assume you live right here in Adelaide.

    So you better have got her number. And I call bars on it. :grin:
  6. Well... just to be different... sure, crashing at 60km/hr will hurt the same regardless what you're riding... but the question you might want to ask is, how likely are you to crash at 60? On a maxi scooter out on the open road - very likely. On a 50cc barely capable of that speed in the first place, ridden on side streets in the inner city - not a chance! If you do crash, it will most likely be a low speed event because you're not going fast to begin with and then you'll probably manage to hit the brakes before coming off... so basically you'll be crashing at something more like a pushbike speed. And how many pushbike riders do you see in full leathers? Just wearing the compulsory helmet and a pair of gloves you're already more protected than they are!

    Yeah, if you're very unlucky any accident might still kill or maim you, but more likely you'll just have a couple of bruises and scratches. Really, the odds are not that bad.
    But I stress again, this very much depends on where you ride... I might squid occasionally to my local supermarket or some such when I know I'll never go above 40, but that's about it.
  7. Yup Draggin stockings! :p or she could just drag me around with her?

    Pictures were taken in stealth mode. I will say it's very hard and thank god the flash didn't go off! :LOL:

    This wasn't a thread on squidding it was a thread on a great pair of tenticles! lmao
  8. I wonder how much protection that Jacket would give her ...

    Looks good on her at least :)

    And, I wonder what she would have done if she busted you taking the shots :grin:
  9. :shock:
  10. Does it affect you? No.
    Will it make any difference to you whatsoever? No.

    There is one legal requirement relating to protective clothing and that is wearing a helmet.

    People have different standards. I might wear full leathers all the time, you might wear draggins and a jacket. Does that mean I should think less of you because in my eyes your compromising your safety?

    Focus on what you can control - yourself.
  11. Did you read my last post or did you just read the first one and get on your soap box ( Hope you don't hit your head on the way down )

    You need to "get over oneself"

    Oh and Devo, you are a sick man! lmfao :p
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  14. Heh, these blokes remind me of the Japs. They tend to ride and treat scooters as if they're motorbikes, eg. they seem to think scooters are cool, and that they're cool for riding them :p
  15. The stereotype that scooter riders zips around with their normal cloths may be a sight for sore eye (not in your case of the girl in photo) in Australia but overseas especially in asia and europe that's reality.

    NO ONE rides with protective gear (except a helmet) in those places and they do fine. If fact i wore my FULL FACE helmet (bought it in Taiwan, 20km from Zeus factory) and I looked down right funny...so it's the opposite !

    It comes back to the rider and how much they value their life vs injury vs health insurance vs saving in time ?

    Each to their own, i think it's harsh to say squiddies are stupid...they jsut don't value their life as much as you.