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Scientists have discovered a way to fit 500 GB on DVDs

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by undii, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. 500 GB on a DVD.. Geek me up!

  2. 500 HP on a bike.. Vroom me up!

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  1. That would be REAL HANDY for backups :D

    From this site

    A small bit follows, click the orig link for the full stuff. 1TB DVDS in 3 years \:D/

    Of course, we'd rather have these guys "find a way" for 500HP to fit on a bike (easily + cheaply ;) ) :twisted:

  2. Niiiice, 500Gb would come in rather handy.
  3. beats the hell out of moving p0rn by usb hd's.... :roll:
  4. My first HDD was a 20mb and I learned to be frugal, and even though I now have 200GB, I still am.

    And more power is pretty irrelevant to me also; I can't properly handle the amount I have now :roll: :LOL:.
  5. "DVD sized-discs"

    So they're different = we can charge appropriately for them.

    Still cool!
  6. ahh the good old days when a big program was 500k and most games were 1.2mb!!!!! came on three or four double sided double density 5 1/4 inch floppy disks....
  7. Alright!!! I finished the level, time to flip the disk and go make a coffee while the next bit loads... :LOL:
  8. yep... sq1 sq2 sq3 and commander keen the original dune ooo and andband! all playable from disk!

    and if you wanted really long loading times.. C64 tape drive of doom! :roll:
  9. Oooh, had Gunship on the C64. Took about half an hour to load... :roll: Was worth it though to drop the Hellfire bombs onto those damn bunkers...
  10. airborne ranger was the worst... man I could go for a ride on my bmx for ages before that bastard loaded... exercise before the game...

    cartridge games were the best if you could afford them!
  11. Honestly it cant be that hard to make a zx14 put out about 2.5* more torque, that should net the 500hp. Put a nice fat turbo on at about 21psi, should do it :p.
  12. OK, a bit of ancient history ....

    When I was a bit younger I was a techo for a computer company. I had a customer who ran a server with a total of 10mb storage. 5mb of that was in the form of a removable platter. The platter was about 450mm in diameter and about the thickness of a circular saw blade. The heads were the size of a 10 cent piece and we cleaned them with a paddle pop stick. The magnets used to drive the heads in and out were so big that if you got your hand in the way when they powered up they could take your hand off. The Hard drive case was about the size of a largish sized coffee table and required four good men to lift it. The belt used to spin the disks up to speed were the size of a car fan belt.

    I also used to run up AT286 PC's for customers. a 20mb drive was standard .... a 40mb drive meant you were a power user. All the PC's had GWbasic installed.

    I recall that the only way you could see a colour TV was to go to the Powerhouse Museum.... there they had a constantly revolving vase of flowers on view.

    I grew up on a small property and recall seeing my grandfather use a scythe ( the thing the grim reaper carries ) to cut grass. And I recall as a child seeing my uncle plow a field with horse and plow.

    I keep telling my friends kids just how lucky they are to have access to the internet, they will probably never know a world without instant communication .... almost anywhere. I also marvel at the Global Positioning System.

    ..... my god i'm old !!

    Steve :)