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Sciatic Pain

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by _joel_, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. I've always had a wimpy spine, and i always complain after manual labour. maybe thats why i am the boss :p :p
    anyway, i have just been told by the quack that the wierd tingly feeling, and pain in my foot/leg that i have are both related to my girly-spine because i have damaged my sciatic nerve :(
    the initial injury was a bulged disc, and is full workers comp, so as of today i am off with full pay (for a week at this stage).
    all i did to trigger it is use a shovel for 1/2 hour today...

    who else has experienced this? and how do i work around it?? is riding going to kill me???
    i told the quack that i dont want pain meds, because it is my understanding that nerve pain isnt very easily managed with analgesics and if anything i can only treat the symptoms with NSAIDs.....which hurt my tummy :(

    i know its not an uncommon injury, please help :?
  2. Oh PAIN!

    I get sciatic pain intermittently Joel. Sometimes I don't get it for months and then I can't shake it for weeks at a time.

    I find that the only thing that helps is to be very careful with any movement until it eases. I have had it where it is almost gone and then I move slightly the wrong way and am back to square one. It usually takes about a week for mine to resove.

    Mine starts in my hip, and yes I get the pins and needles and tingling right down to my toes. It can be excruciating at times. I have been told that anti-inflammatories help. (Maybe Meloxicam, Volataren?)
  3. u can still ride, its just throwing your leg over the bike thats going to be a problem.

    its a very painful problem and as far as i know, it only hurts when you do a specific movement. if your in cronic pain then it would help if you told me what the pain is;

    seldom and sharp?

    constant dull ache?

    pins and needles but worse?

    does it feel like your cells are dying from the outside in [at times]?

    do u have to keep shifting to releve the pain, if so how long does the relief last?
  4. Sorry to hear you have this pain Joel.
    It is very manageable if it's not too extreme with specific exercise.
    I get it on and off (mostly off these days thankfully!) and I only really set it off if I have to bend over for an extended length of time, like working on a car.
    Mum has it bad, she was in traction fro a few weeks once to help relocate a disc.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. the leg pain part is manageable, i just lay down. if i sit down, my leg just wants to stay sitting. though the pain is like a wierd type of pain that i cant describe....maybe like a muscle cramp but the muscle isnt contracting??

    for me, the worst part is aggravating the disc yet again, that is a nasty solid throbbing hot/internal burny feeling that just doesnt go away.
    the only reason i got it all checked out is because of the strange left-leg stuff.
  6. I've had it for years thanks to a prolapsed disc in 2000. 2005 I had reoccurence of the bad bad sciatic down the legs so had cortisone tablets which turned me into a lunatic according to Mrs so had a cortisone epidural which fixed me up. Have occurences of sciatica and inflamed discs which are now a fact of life. Get a good masseur - a proper sports one who cause lots of pain, tells you to suck it up and also tells dirty jokes. I have one in Melb who can fix my back in 30 minutes.
    Riding bikes is painful but so is standing for 90 min at Auskick. Everything hurts but not as bad as the original injury so just get on with it.

    Relief can come from anti inflams or Nurofen (but not Nurofen Plus as it bungs your bum up).

    Best of luck. It's a biatch and usually for life - just need to manage it.
  7. Forgot to mention Joel, I fond by far the BEST way to reduce my back pain is to lay dead flat on my back on a hard floor. Around 15-30 mins really helps it. Just grab a book and off you go!
    You can have your legs down or up, doesn't matter, but I find sitting near a step and having my legs lower than my pelvis helps a lot too.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. .....sigh....

    step one....stuggle outta bed
    step two....lie on the floor..do a lot of stratching exersises (actually these help so much)

    step 3...hot water bottle on the sciatic and pillows under the knees....(no not knees over the shoulders)

    step 4....your partner will always have to be on top :wink: (you can do your exersises at this time)

    sciatic pain and its triggers are very individual. I use anti inflamatoires....and panadine forte if (and only when) i run into serious trouble with it. I deal with the medicated bum issue with omega 3 capules whilst im taking the meds. Keeps me outta trouble.

    Oh and a kid thats willing to help you off the toilet and pull yer jocks up cause you cant always comes in handy.

    Good luck mate
  9. Absolute DITTO to katcando.
    Joel, exercise set by a phsio specific ally for you, will be your main help. After a few years you work out what causes the worst of it all and you'll avoid doing that.
    Mine was all through a car acco in '99, I've now got it to manageable levels with Voltaren 50, 3 times a day and exercise RELIGOUSLY . the bike is much better than the car,and we even got a 16 (4x4 :wink: ) because the legs out in front in a "normal" car makes it worse too.
    Good Luck and if you need to bounce things off someone pm me.
  10. I have very similar pain... started in my first pregnancy, never went fully away, and is now back with a vengance.

    I can't recommend seeing a chiropractor highly enough - try finding one who uses a little doodad called an 'adjustor' (I think its called) rather than one who uses aggressive manipulation.

    Seriously, I tried heaps of things first time around and nothing worked, but I am currently seeing my second chiropractor and they do brilliant stuff.

    I have the horrible nervy-tingly-shooting pain-numbness in my legs and chronic pelvic and back pain and found some relief after just one session - a lot of the referred pain you get is simply your muscles straining because your spine and pelvis are out of alignment. They also massage the sore bits for you :)

    Seriously, it's WAY worth trying - I used to be a real sceptic until I tried it out of desperation, now I can't say enough good stuff about them.
  11. I am assuming from responses that this sciatic thing is peculiar to the leg?
    It's just that I seem to have developed something similar (throbbing ache, tingling, cold/numb feeling) in the last few days, but in my case it's in my left arm - shoulder to finger tips, accompanied by sharp pains in the centre of my back.
    Can the same thing happen in other parts of the body?
  12. Firstly I'm sorry to hear your in pain.

    re: riding the bike - I guess it's up to you - maybe check with your doctor about it first though. From a legal point of view though - make sure it doesn't interfere wih your compensation claim as some nasty individual may argue that if you're able to ride a bike that you're able to do manual labour.

    Secondly - pain management: I'm glad to hear that you don't want to have to rely on pain medication as a source of treatment. A couple of things that I know have worked for various people -
    1. Shiatsu massage (tell the practitioner about your condition).
    2. Myotherapy
    3. a wonderful little DIY device called "enar". This thing was invented by NASA to aid astronauts to heal themselves with no access to medical assistance. It's like a little acupuncture thingy and puts out an elctro pulse (no needles). You can treat yourself with it even sitting in front of the telly. I used it on my neck and was amazed that I had full movement after using it. Not sure where to get it - so maybe Google's the best place. Also - these little things are pretty expensive so they let you rent it for a month to see if you like it.
  13. I've had the same Titus - go see your Doctor, who will more than likely refer you to a neurologist.

    Mine is / was caused by compression of the Ulnar nerve as it leaves the spine between C7 & C8.

    Neurologist put me onto a very low dose of antidepressants which supposedly build up the nerves (Her explanation anyway). After about 3 weeks on these the symptoms all but disappeared (occasionally get tingles, but very rarely now).

    If the symptoms reappear when I stop taking the meds, a visit to a neurosurgeon is the next step.
  14. joel, i have the same thing. see a physio, GP's for the most part know fcuk all about functional muscoskeletal related injuries. i could try and explain some stretches and exercises that help but it would be better off if you just saw a physio.
    ive found for mine in particular that swimming and core strength exercises seem to work best.

  15. Holy crap, dude, you were spot on!
    The doc is saying pretty much exactly what you did, except she thinks it will most likely not need serious intervention. Physio should do it.
    I think I know what caused it, too, and next time the missus can take care of that for herself.
    Joel, if your leg is anything like my arm at the moment, I'm wishing you a quick recovery, 'cause it's no fun at all.
  16. hey guys, thanks for all the tips/advice!
    i knew i couldnt be the only one :LOL:

    last night i made my daughter walk my spine, out of desperation.
    when she got close to (i think) L2-L3 i felt a massive "CRUNCH" and i was shitting myself that i had done myself further damage.
    then, i got up and just like magic the tingly leg thing was gone!!
    not out of the woods though, quack said that i am going to be succeptible to this shit forever and to think twice before placing my spine in a vulnerable position. i have a damaged (at least one) disc, and this allows abnormal movement of the vertebrae.
    so, i now only have muscle strain, which is easy to cope with.
  17. At least you've found a cheap therapist to get you out of trouble!
  18. hmmmm, i may be sitting on a gold-mine!
    Courtneys Backyard Spine Crunching :LOL:

    any takers?
  19. Careful....when you accuse her of being a 'manipulater', she'll say "yeah, so? Got you out of pain didn't it?"

    You musta been outta whack and she's realigned you. She's def not a chiro or she'd have you back for 20 sessions at $60 a pop!

    Glad you got some relief. Hope it doesn't become a drag for you.

    I found my back was worse riding a cruiser than my GSF1200. Slightly forward position but better for my back than the upright, just leaning forward with feet in front. Meant the base of my spine was copping all the pressure.
  20. funny you mention the cruiser thing, i get heavily fatigued (fatigue=sore back) riding the harley, whereas the rr seems more comfy....most people think i am delusional when i say that :?