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Schumacher must be really bored.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by blue, May 16, 2008.

  1. Bored? Why do you have to be bored to race a motorcycle? I say good on the bugger. He's proving himself a very quick rider indeed, not winning any nationals but finishing top 5 here and there.
  2. hmmmm ok..... bored meaning he can't stay retired and sit at home, has to sneak back into racing somehow. The man can't let go, its the only thing he knows how to do well. Racing being the key word. Good on him.... yes.

    Few years ago I saw an interview with Damon Hill on a golf course and how he was explaining about life being too slow after retirement, can't get the kicks and thrills anymore.

    If motorcycling was boring, I wouldn't ride one.
  3. The man is an absolute legend.

    He has motorsport (and competition in general) in his blood, it really is no surprise that he needs to do this.

    It can do nothing but enhance the reputation and regard of motorcyling that the greatest competitive driver of the modern age is drawn to them.

    Go Schumi!!
  4. He's retired not DEAD! Why should he need to stay at home because he is retired?
    When I'm retired you can be damn sure I will be doing all the stuff I couldn't do earlier. You think Ferrari would have allowed him to race bikes and risk injury while he was under contract to drive for them? Not!
  5. Also let's not forget he's only late 30's...it not like he's a senior citizen :)

    Good on him I say...who wouldn't want to be in his position

    Dominate F1 for over a decade, retire while still young enough to enjoy it, do a bit of consulting and testing for Ferarri and indulge your other passion for bikes...what a great life!
  6. It seem's no one really retires from motorsports.

    Carlos Sainz keeps racing, he competes in Dakar (when its not cancelled!). He generally has better luck than Mick Doohan did racing in Targa :(
  7. Then he crashed!




  8. Loz and triway.... just to get this out of the way. I'm not criticizing the guy. Just trying to prove a point that "its hard for these guys to stop what they've been doing since they were 4 or 5 years old... its nice to see" and amusing at the same time.

    :LOL: :LOL: agreed. Its funny when you listen or read about people like Barrichello or Colin Edwards in the magazines or online. Man... the moment these guys turn 30, thats it, they are considered past due date. Loris Capirossi is another good example. I am a big fan of the guy but stand him next to Pedrosa or Vermuelen and he does look....a bit aged :wink:

    Carloz is a legend. Still remember his Corolla( was it a Corolla) breaking down just before the finish line years ago... was a sad day.

  9. I am absolutely astonished that he's racing bikes. Wow, he's gone up several notches in my estimation. I can't think of a single precedent of someone, let alone a champion, going from four wheels to two. Well, only one and that was a fellow called Terry Walton who I used to race against in C grade in the seventies, and he came from karts.
  10. i think i read somewhere that ducati wanted him to test some of their bikes
    .. i could be wrong though


  11. I think there has been one person to win both the F1 and motorcycle championships... surname was Surtees. Can't remember the first name.
  12. Yes, lots of bike racers winning in cars. John Surtees is the only man to win both titles (500 and 350 double '58, '59 and '60 and F1 1964). Pre war, Tazio Nuvolari was a star rider for Bianchi before becoming a legend on four wheels.
  13. From Wikipedia (yes yes i know... not exactly a reliable source :) :wink: )

    John Surtees MBE (born February 11, 1934) is a former Grand Prix motorcycle road racer and Formula One driver from England. He remains the only person to have won World Championships on both two and four wheels.

    amazing stuff
  14. well, thumbs up for Schumacher, i think it is easier for motorbike racers to switch to car racing than for car racers to switch to motorbike racing. Just my personal opinion
  15. Why do people always trot that one out? I don't think it makes any difference whatsoever, I just think it makes more sense for an older rider to do to cars (in general more money hurts less when you crash) that the other way around (in general less money hurts more when you crash)...

    No matter how bigger wankers they are you don't get in F1 these days without being very good indeed...
  16. Troy Bayliss is looking for a spot in V8 Supercars for 2009. That man has the right attitude for any kind of racing.... hope he does REALLY well.
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