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Schuberth R1 Pro

Discussion in 'Helmets' at netrider.net.au started by oohsam, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. So, I was in the market for a new helmet. Was still rocking my KBC 200 dollar helmet from when I first started riding, and it was getting a bit stinky.

    I do quite a bit of freeway riding, and the noise in my helmet is so damn loud...I used to rock earplugs but I kept losing them and misplacing them that it just became annoying.
    So I was after the quietest helmet ever produced. After little research, i found the Schuberth R1 pro. Claimed as the quietest helmet in the world, I had to give it a go. Considering the quietest helmet that was available (in australia) was the Shoei TZX ($799rrp), the ratings of noise were not that great.

    The downside is that the Schuberth R1 is not sold in Australia, so they dont have the AS/NZS 2063 safety standards sticker. However they are rated against the ECE 22-05 (http://www.webbikeworld.com/motorcycle-helmets/ece-22-05.htm) which is a lot more stringent on safety than the Australian/NZ standars. So if protecting your lid is more important than a monopoly based safety standard (in which many many cheap and crappy helmets pass), then make your choice, I am not here to influence otherwise.
    Since this topic is not about safety standards...(and I really hope it does not go down that path) I will put a note here that this Helmet does not have the Aus standards sticker so you may be fined for using it on Australian Roads...wear at your own risk.

    So I bought my helmet from FC Moto online store for a total of $394 (including delivery) which took 4 business days. Amazing...
    On my first ride into work, The wind noise that could be heard was so minmal it was uncomfortable. I was not used to so little wind noise in my helmet. I have to get used to it.
    The helmet is light, it weighs almost nothing, The visor is so slid, it really snap locks on each setting. There is a city setting which is click position number two which is alot more "clickable" than the other options and gives you the perfect amount of air without being annoying.

    The vents, really work. Opening and closing is simple, just a little click and the front vent opens/closes, and it works well. The head vents pass a nice breeze through your head. Never had proper working vents on a helmet before so this was a nice feature.
    The inbuilt slide down sun visor is a great idea, but annoying. It doesn't cover enough of your eyes, and is disorientating. I will not use it again. Just ordered a tinted visor to replace the clear.

    The helmet has wider peripheral vision. Which is amazing. i can see so many things in my peripherals than I was able to with my kbc helmet. I almost dont have to turn my head to check blind spots.
    The D ring on the buckle is so solid, it makes putting it on a breeze. Something that annoyed me with my KBC helmet.

    Overall, the helmet is quite literally KICK ASS. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants a quiet helmet, and a helmet that has been designed above and beyond any other helmet I've seen or tried on.

    PS. Schuberth helmets are available as BMW helmets just rebadged in Australia.
    I got the R1 Pro in Matte black and finish is pretty good.

  2. Shakes head

  3. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!
  4. we have seen the enemy, and it is us
  5. I have no idea what you guys are talking about!!!
  6. Some Netriders frown upon non-Aus approved helmets. Especially (understandably) Takamii who sells his own Aus-approved helmets.
  7. close

    I just don't like people saying the Aus standard is inferior ( I don't any one saying anything Australian is inferior actually ) when in fact its testing and pass limits are higher than ECE standard

    Helmet is nice though
  8. If its to do with the safety standars thing, sure it may seem silly.
    However, keep in mind Schuberth are a massive Helmet company. Yes, they just make helmets. They spend a large amoutn of their funds in RND to make the best helmets.

    This is not some second grade company.

    I will also remind you, that Filipe Massaa wears Schuberth. Infact, Schuberth is an FIA partner (Formula 1 Governing Body). Not sure if you follow F1, but if you can remember the accident in which Filipe massa was heat in the head with a Spring, I believe.
    2 Tonnes of impact hit his helmet visor, it took the impact, no sweat. They took the helmet and did forensics on it and found a washer cracked under the impact, even though it held up. They redesigned the entire mechanism to ensure nothing would fail with that impact.
    More info here (http://www.schuberth.com/en/products/formel-1/felipe-massas-accident.html)

    Fillipe swears by Schuberth and claims that the helmet saved his life. I think Michael Schumaker also wears Schuberth.

    I can understand Netriders being upset about non Aussie approved helmets, but the Australian standards are pretty piss poor. Its more about money and creating an industry. Why the heck does this tiny ass country feel like it needs its own helmet standars...Maybe we think Europe (The leader in road safety) is not a good enough country to set such amazing standards....Dont be fooled, its all about the benjamins baby.
    I dont give a toss if I get a fine for not having the sticker on my helmet when I get pulled up. I'd rather protect my brains the best I can, my head, my decision :)

    But yes, Props to Takamii for making his own helmet, I just read up on it and it looks kick ass.
    Guys, please dont take this as an attack on your view - I totally respect the thought of sticking to Aus standards.
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  9. Sorry Takamii. I did say they were piss poor...Maybe I'm being very tough. They are good standars, But I disagree with them being tougher than ECE. We can take this to another thread if you wish or we can exchange notes here.
  10. Actually...I just found a thread in which you appear talking about ECE and Aus Standards..
    Didn't know it was such a hot topic here :p
  11. Its all good and well untill all your insurances are null and void after the TAC investigation..
  12. True....maybe.
    But I'm a big boy, I can make my own decisions.
  13. You say that now, but when you fall off and break your leg (yes nothing to do with your helmet)...have fun paying all the expensive surgery bills...
  14. I hear this sort of stuff a lot. But I'm not really convinced.

    Don't TAC pay out claims even if you aren't wearing a helmet, speed, drive through a red light, etc, etc, etc.

    I check Swann's PDS (I'm with Swann) - nothing about helmets.

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  16. Your private insurances (health, death, income..) WILL be void, dunno about TAC...
  17. I have a helmet sitting next to me that was one of my customers ( a lycan fire model )

    he was hit in the back of the head by a motorcycle front wheel at about 160kmph when he lowsided in rain at Phillip Island turn 1

    there is a 2 inch crack in the clear coat paint
  18. Yeah I read the story on your website...
    Thats some craaaaaaazy shit u got there man.
  19. As in everything legal..."it depends"

    How deep are your pockets? How deep are your lawyers' pockets?

    I guess we're talking "contributory negligence".

    In the specific case of a 'non Aus approved' but otherwise perfectly good helmet and a head injury. I'd put my money on my lawyers - not the insurance companies.

    In the case of a non Au approved helmet and a busted leg - again - my money is on my lawyers.

    No helmet and a head injury - the insurance company has a much better shot.


    My unlearned opinion.
  20. At least with the Schuberth, your hearing wont be impaired by the time you go to court.
    Any other helmet, and you'd be fighting to get your hearing fixed at the same time, thanks to its minimal noise characteristics :p lol..