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Schoolkid attacked over salami sandwich

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by quietman, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. I love how religion keeps finding new ways to make our lives brighter and more fullfilling each and every day.


    Being bashed twice for eating salami sandwiches is a bit rough for the little tike - and now he has to find a new school.

  2. ive seen allot worse at my schools. but still... **** the muso's aren't doing themselves any favours at the moment.
  3. was he bashed with the salami ??
  4. I'd fill a Super Soaker with pigs blood, if they feel that strongly about it.
  5. Kids can be horrible no matter what religion they are raised in. When I was in school I heard one kid boasting about how at his old school they had held the only Jewish student down and forced him to eat a ham sandwich. In that case it was non-religious kids bullying a religious kid. It goes both ways.
  6. Geez next thing you know we'll hear about a riot happening at Cronulla primary school.

    I reckon the muslim kids were just jealous that the greek kid got all the nice food while their parents were starving them because of a strange cultural practice. I say ship the kids and their families to alaska to celebrate rammadan in a region that has a couple of months of daylight at a time.
  7. didnt the wog boy also get bullied for having anti-pasto for lunch by the aussie kids?
  8. Not making light of the incident (shameful), but I have experienced otherwise peaceful individuals getting pretty cranky during Ramadan. Hunger is a powerful motivator, and offense is easy to find if you are looking for it.

    I can remember the Micks getting all antsy about corned beef at the canteen on Fridays...
  9. I remember doing JEW jumps at school and yet the only ones to go for the food were Aussies lmao
  10. “(Lisa) "I'm going to become a vegetarian"
    (Homer) "Does that mean you're not going to eat any pork?"
    "Yes Dad"
    "Dad all those meats come from the same animal"

    "Right Lisa, some wonderful, maaaaaagical animal!"”
  11. Great work Bruce McDougall. A+ article. Will read again.
  12. next Ramadam Day ima gonna roast a pig on a spit out the front of the taxi cab rank under and Australian flag and stuff my face with big handfulls of crackling and be like OM NOM NOM NOM OMG THIS PIGGY IS DELICIOUS!!
  13. You'll have to do that for a month monkeyman, the muzzies do it for a whole month is it any wonder they are always angry.
  14. Children find all sorts of ways of being spiteful to each other, why should we be surprised? (Assuming this is all there is to the story, which I very much doubt. Perhaps the parents of both children come from opposite sides of Cyprus, for example?)
  15. im not even going to reply cause if i do i'll get banned from the boards, makes me sick
  16. We're all thinking it mate ;)
  17. Bullying happens in all schools and to turn this into an us verus them scenario by the media is well over the top. Kids are picked on for being fat/red head/short/freckled/different in any way, whether it's their appearance/religion/skin colour/nationality or even their choice in clothes/music/hobbies. This happens in all schools day in day out.

    In no way am I condoning the actions of this incident, or bullying of any sort, but the way the media seems happy to elevate this on a national stage is IMO a disgrace. A media beat-up that only serves to demonize a group even more.

    These are kids FFS, and some need a swift kick up the backside.

  18. The kid may have a cypriot surname, but It was in sydney with a predominately Lebanese muslim population not Turkish and the Turks are more secular not as rabidly muslim as the rest of them. Despite what you will like to believe the Greeks and the Turks get along very well as people, it's just their governments that stuff it up.
    This here is typical Sydney Lebanese muslim thuggishness rearing its ugly head their parents have a lot to answer for.
    (That's how you address this little nugget Goz ) ;)
  19. the Turks are more secular not as rabidly muslim as the rest of them

    That is certainly true in my experience. We have some wonderful friends who are Turkish Moslems, and when my daughter was married in the morning service of my local church, they came and stayed for the whole service, to wish her and Andi well. I can't imagine a hard-line Moslem doing that....
  20. Aw, come on. Go ahead. It'll be interesting to see how much anger the "claims" of an 11 year old boy, who got roughed up in a school yard, can generate.