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School Zones

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Aug 7, 2005.

  1. My bike doesn't have a clock on the instrument panel, and wearing a watch is irrelevant because you can't see it. What happens if I'm doing over 40 in a school zone since I don't know what time it is??

  2. Wouldn't work for every situation, obviously, but I'd guess they'd expect you to know from looking at the speed of the traffic around you.

    Having said that, you could legitimately claim that you didn't know EXACTLY what time it was.

    That's why the idea of flashing lights at school zones is a reasonable suggestion.
  3. Surely you's have a rough idea of what time it is? Not knowing's no excuse so I'd suggest playing on the safe side and slow down if it's likely to be required.
  4. I ride through three school zones on the way to work every morning - two at 60km/h and the other at 40km/h. The 60km/h zones are acknowleged by most drivers - they'll slow to about 65-70km/h. The 40km/h zone is ignored... so much so that everytime I do 40km/h in that zone (which is every morning) I'll end up with a car riding my rear tyre until the next 60km/h sign.

    Gives me the shits.
  5. They still have the right to book you, but you may be able to argue it on a technicality in court.

    It's the same argument as .05 - just because you don't know what your BAC is, doesn't mean you can drive and plead ignorance.
  6. Be careful with some of the school zones. We have three in my local area, two are 40kmph between school hours, the third is 40kmph all the time and is signposted as such, therefore even at midnight on a Saturday it is a 40kmph limit. The government must be making their retirement fund off this one speed camera alone, there's a camera in it at least three times a week and nobody but myself and Mrs Nodz slows to 40kmph for it.
  7. If theres lots of cars parked on the rooadside with middle aged women sitting in them you can bet its probably close to 40 zone times. Or what I do, if im not sure, buit know its close I slow down to 40.
  8. There is one of these zones near my place as well. Has always amused me that I will amble through there at 40 and all the parents with their kids continue to motor through at up to and including 80. It is no wonder they put speed cameras in the spots.
  9. someone needs to invent time-based mechanical speed humps or other traffic slowing road features. It's one thing to put a camera in, but they don't reach out and slow the car down if someone isn't paying attention.
  10. No chance.

    I know a rider who was booked for it in Sydney.

    70km/h in a 40km/h zone. (he thought it was a 60 zone, so just above speed limit). Lost his license for 3 months.
  11. Been there, done that, lotsa times. I guess it's the fact that I am a teacher myself that makes me so conscious of school zones, but I've lost count of the number of time I've been tailgated.

    I feel that, when you're on your local patch, there's probably no excuse. But when you're somewhere else, it's really easy to miss sometimes. Like I know that when I go to Sydney I have to be SUPER careful cos there's just so many schools, so there's heaps of school zones. And in the inner suburbs there can be a couple of schools only a few hundred metres apart.
  12. I have to go through two 40 zones on the way to work. The schol zone has the flashing "40" signs but the other zone is 40 permanant. Bloody scoccer mums in their landcruisers sitting on my back tyre cause I have the hide to do the speed limit.
  13. Very good point!

    Trying for the legal argument of 'I didnt know it was after 8' or 'it was 7:59 so it was still a 70kph zone' won't win you any favours if you have just cleaned up someones offspring.

    I see cars breaking these zone limits every day but when I sit in front of them and point at the signs it usually brings them back in line (as well as placing myself at risk I know, but hey)
  14. The danger is not the passing through traffic but the crazy parents picking up their kids .
  15. True, but at least in a school zone you can guarantee 4WD stupidity so you make much larger allowances for it.

    I ride through Brighton to get to work. If there is an expensive 4WD on the market, I have had to dodge it.
  16. Rubbish.
    You would have some estimate of the time as every commonsense person does.
    Ignorance of the law and the time are no excuse

    (I'm very much in favour of school zones)
  17. marty, I've seen a couple of instance of that, and that's what prompted the thread. In anwering my own question, I reckon they would do you anyway, on the basis of ignorance not being an excuse.
    I have a Bob The Builder watch at home (!), so I'll stick it on the bike, as per. Thanks.
  18. I'm sure that no-one is against the idea. However, when it's time based, you're then subjected to the vagaries of technology.

    Quick survey - check your PC's time. Compare it to your watch. Now call 1194 and see what the time really is.

    My problem with this is say you come to a school zone. Your clock, watch or whatever says that it's 2.25pm. The reduced speed starts at 2.30pm. You sail through at 60 km/h. A week later you get a $200 fine stating at 2.32pm, you exceeded the school speed limit by 20 km/h.

    How do you argue that one, particularly if you check your clock and do find that it's correct?

    As others have said, if the speed zone signs have flashing lights above them to indicate the operating times are in force, then there becomes no excuse. Whether or not they start or stop on time becomes irrelevant, if the road users are aware that the lower limit is now in force, because of the lights.

    Thing is, it's cheaper to fine people than it is to provide a fair means of warning people that the limits are in force.

    I was listening to ABC radio one day when someone was bitching about a new school speed limit on Dandenong Rd, near Caulfield somewhere. It's an 80 km/h zone. suddenly it's a 60 or 40 zone during "school days". Apparently it was catching a lot of people out. A simple warning system such as this would've avoided this situation, and that of vehicles doing higher speeds during the school period.
  19. I have an estimate - give or take 15 minutes. However, when I slow down to 40 k/hr in a school zone at 4:05 real-time (because with my 15 minutes this puts me at 3:50) the people coming along at 80 k/hr in the 70 zone really do not like you.

    I watch the other drivers - as it is usually busy around this time if I see a few cars go to 40 I will pull in behind them or in front and also do 40 - letting 'cars' protect me.

    I still think that if they require a person to know the time, their speed, and whether it is a school day (or is it a holiday) is a lot to ask. I don't have kids so I never know if it is a holiday or school day. And if it is a holiday for public schools but not some private schools, do school zone signs still apply?

    I think the flashing lights would solve lots of this. But until they are installed at all places (whcih will never happen) I will continue to watch other traffic and use other cars as my 'protection'.

    Related- there was something in the herald sun about speed cameras on Friday:
    "CAMERAS must not be set up within 200m of a change to the speed zone.

    CAMERAS can be used within 200m of a change to the zone in a children's crossing area or a school zone with prior approval of senior police. "