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School Zones

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by josh909, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. A. Can anyone tell me, do school zone speed limits apply during school holidays or is the regular speed limit in effect like on weekends?

    B. If they don't, is it school holidays in NSW at the moment?

  2. School zones only apply during school times and only during the times specified on the big 40 signs they exhibit.
    During school holidays the signs do not apply.
    Some smaller streets may have a permanent 40 designation near a school otherwise the speeds only apply during the designated times.
    As for NSW being on school holidays I don't know. In Victoria we are in our second week of school holidays and from memory NSW is usually a week behind.
  3. The school limits do apply. People got fined on non-school days and kicked up a stink. Peter Batcholer went on radio and said:
    quote "children could still be playing in the area"
  4. NSW started school holidays this week, and are back to school on Mon 18th. School zone speed limits are on gazetted school days only .. which excludes school holidays and public holidays.

    VIC is similiar ... with the exception of signposted permanent school zones, where the 40km/h applies regardless of whether it's a school day or not.

  5. Not exactly correct.
    There are PERMANENT 40 signs in some areas near schools, even on non school days they apply.
    All the other 40 signs are clearly marked as to the times they are in operation and the signs clearly state school times only and not during school holidays.
    Any other information you may have read is false and misleading.
  6. The stink was about a pupil free day, where motorists were still pinged for speeding.

    School holidays it's definitely not. You can go at the normal limit (i.e 60)
  7. Exactly .. still a school day so the zone limit still applies.
  8. Pupil free days are still school days.
    teachers are still at school and students still come and go to school for various reasons.
  9. I agree. Even though it is the holidays I pass a few schools where there still seems to be a fair bit of activity. Doesn't stop cages nearly rear-ending me when I slow down though.
  10. I think the permanent 40km/h zones are fcuked in the head!!!!

    There is a street in Werribee that is permanent 40km/h and the street is as wide as.........

    It's at least 6-8 lanes wide. There is no need for it to be a permanent 40 zone. Councils are lowering speed limits to what ever they want.

    I'm seeing more and more 40km/h signs every day.
  11. I have to come down in favour of the school zones here, even though they seem to be irrationally applied sometimes. I'm a teacher and I know how crazy school kids are. They need all the protection we can give them. I also know how irresponsible their parents are.
    I have seen a mother stand on the opposite side of a road from the chool where I was teaching and call her to 7 year old son to cross the road. My blood was boiling.
    I know they can be a pain, but killing a little kid who hasn't got the sense to cross the road properly would live with you for the rest of your life. I'll gladly slow down to 40.
    The problem seems to be with the zones that are only current for that time during the morning and afternoon times when kids are coming and going.
    In the ACT the 40km/h speed limit around schools applies all day and that makes sense to me. You get used to it, you don't have to check your watch to see if it's after 2:30.
    Three years ago I was teaching at a school where a little 8 years old boy was killed in the playground. I can't imagine what it must have been like for those parents who sent their little boy to school and he never came home.
    There's plenty of other places to go fast, just slow down near schools, OK?
  12. Totally agree!
    The ENTIRE SUBURB of Fitzroy is now 40kmh (With one or two streets excepted). I can understand school zones, I can even understand some shopping strips full of semi-comatose zombie bipeds, but now we've got jumped up petty bureaucrats competing to see who can implement the most absurd and extreme measures SUBURB WIDE !!! Darebin is looking at doing it across the board, too.
    And, surprise surprise, NO-ONE abides by it. Seriously, I haven't seen even ONE car in months travelling at less than 50. If nearly all the public disregard a law, chances are there's something WRONG with it.
    Do you think any of the pompous d*ckwits that are implementing this nonsense have even HEARD of the 85th percentile principle?
    F*^k 'em!!!
  13. I love slowing down for the school zones - makes the monos that the kids demand from as I ride through me so much more fun. :LOL: :LOL:

    seriously though, legislators have dropped the ball again with this. They argue that they want consistency in the zones - ie no grey areas, no excuses to be speeding, what a crock - most people romp through those zones at at least 50-60 when schools out - they are using the mushy stuff in their skull instead of being told what to do by a sign - what a crime.

    In addition, the kids in the school zone at 2am are the kind you want to mow down - the ZOMBIE CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT :shock:

  14. pffft! what a waste - zombie kids make excellent sweatshop employees - their small hands make it easy for them to embroider gucci logos on knock-off wallets.
  15. Of course you also have the situation where Private Schools have different holidays to the Public Sector and different speed zones then apply.

    Don't get me started on the permanent 40km/h zones, although, have any of you driven/riden to Sydney lately?

    Every bloody town north of the Murray is now a bloody 50km/h zone. 100-110 to 50 with bugger all warning....................
  16. Some I think are useful - I live near Pinewood Shopping centre in Mount Waverley and a large portion of the area is 40 k/hr. While I am sure this is there mainly because of the influence of the primary school, there is also a community centre, pre-school / day-care, and a large park where young afl aspirants play all day on Sat and Sun.

    So while I agree some of the 40 zones are useless, there are some that are beneficial.