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NSW School zones

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by nicko18, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. This has been playing on my mind a little bit, but on Friday i'm not sure if I went through a speed camera in a school zone doing 40 or 60 (the roads usual limit).

    I probably hopped on the bike at 1:30 and got home at 3, so i reckon it was touch and go if I was pinged.

    Anyway... how do other riders know what time it is, speshly when going through random school zones without flashing lights. Do you always keep an eye on your watch when the time approaches?

    Note to self: must buy a watch
  2. Man that is so unlucky!
    Don't you hate that when you go passed those blasted mobile speed cameras and not sure if your done?
    You spend so much time waiting for a ticket and by the time it comes you've forgotten or you just didn't get it:)

    So many sighs of relief when you don't see a letter from the RTA
  3. On the rare occasion where I think it may be about that time I just take my cue from the cars on the road. If they go 40, so do I.

    What I can't work out is why when I go home from work well after the time for the restrictions, most of the cars still slow down to 40 in the variable school zones. They have clocks!
  4. this is the reason i 'think' i may be in the clear.

    I actually had some car who wanted to go 10km/h faster than me sitting on my tail, but he didn't slow down behind me when i went through the zone. I figured i'd piss him right off if I slowed to 40 and it was 2:00
  5. Worst is when you don't have kids or know when school is back, get done on the way home from night shift for 50kmh in a 40kmh (usually a 60kmh zone) school zone on the very first day of school and 10mins before the 40zone finishes so all the kids are in class anyway. Grrr
  6. man i hate school zones.

    hope you didn't get zinged, hun
  7. Some school zones are perfectly fine, the ones they whack onto six lane major arterial roads shit me to hell and back. Especially when they decide a speed camera will save the kittens too (Pacific Highway outside Knox is the worst..) why does a private High School need a speed camera to enforce a 40 zone?
  8. Buy a cheap water resistant watch
    Glue it or attach it somehow to your bike's instrument panel
    Problem eliminated.
  9. Penant Hills Road/Cumberland Highway... cmon thats the worst.


    That is a very very long school zone, and theres cameras all over it.
    That one in the link i believe has grown another couple of branches, as has the one over the road.
  10. Sorry but in a school zone slow the F down. Not just cause I have kids. I had to deal with a kid hit by a car in a school zone. The ******** actually overtook another car. Not nice and still makes my spine tingle.
    Fark for once stop thinking of yourselves. There bloody kids and don't know. Even teenagers. They are worse.
    Point is could you live with yourself. If you hit one. Like I could with an old fossil or another adult. But to waste a kid .... nah I could not live with that.
  11. Seriously, have you read any of the posts in this thread, no one has been belting through school zones, the original OP was doing the usual speed limit and the fact he was unsure if it was during school zone time or not would suggest that there were no little targets running around to hit. You're kids are safe for now, as are the kittens.
    and place it on the bike's dash
    Most modern bikes have a clock on them.
    Not knowing the time is no excuse under the law.

  13. =D>=D> I was thinking the same thing.

    It's funny how you get used to something. I go through a school zone on the way to work each day. On Saturday we drove down that road and my wife asked why I slowed down.....
  14. I live next to a school and always slow down for it, however my bikes fukkin clock doesn't tell me which day school starts back after 6 weeks off. And when there's no kids around it's easy to not realise that it is the first day of fukkin school
  15. It aint rocket science.
  16. Didn't think I was pointing the bone at anyone !!!!
    Not hard to tell when school is back. Look for all the idiot drivers around 8.30am and 3.00pm
    Seriously I have been pounding the minister and our local MP for the last four years to have the school zone signs flash when it's time to slow down.
    I thought it was a cost matter. Seems to be even more stupid than that.
    Their thoughts: How can you not know what time it is.
  17. Meh, I still claim 50 in a usual 60 zone is worth a warning from the cops then a fine. "Hey mate, first day back at school, next time you get the fine"

    But that'd be way too sensible and fair.

    I'm the first to admit I speed and love it, but always time and place and if i get caught i pull straight over and accept responsibility, but I never speed through school zones during the days I know are school days.

  18. I got done at 8.50am school here starts at 8am from what I've been told. No crazy soccer mums to dodge like i have to normally. I travel 100kms to work and the school zone is the scariest when I catch it at peak period. I agree flashing lights or the signs that change. Having a variable limit only instructed by "School days" that could cost someone 2 points for doing the usual limit. We have a private school and public school next to each other, there days can be different, so if you go past one and there are no kids, parents etc. so think it's not a school day then get caught at the second.
  19. I believe the start and end times for school zones are determined by your states school year which can be different to the actual start/end day the school you happen to be passing.

    Regardless if you have kids or not, it's your responsibility to know and this info is easily found.
    Most diaries have each state's school times printed in them.