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School 'gave autistic bullied boy stop sign'

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mr Flibble, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. http://news.ninemsn.com.au/national/863691/school-gave-autistic-bullied-boy-stop-sign

    Jesus wept... just WTF is going on with teachers these days????

    Give the bullies a belting I say.

    They've just brought in padded whips for horseracing, so there is a good supply of the old style whips lying around doing nothing!
  2. kids these days....................................................
  3. A Stop sign is there strategy, jesus... Unfortunately there's morons in ever sector, and I bet you some idiot beauracrat who's never teached came up with the 'strategy'.
  4. A stop sign?? What are they doing to the poor kid!?

    Talk about giving the bullies a field day. They might as well have hung an L plate on his forehead.
  5. Unless it's meant to be used to hit them with - I can't see it's going to do much good...
  6. Ipswich ... 'nuff said :grin:
  7. A STOP sign, lucky little bastard. When I was a kid, you had to use your face to block the punches.

    Give em a fair go guys, It's hardly the schools fault that in this cotton padded tree hugging world of political correctness and being friendly to buckwits, that this is the best they can come up with.

    If they were allowed to cane kids, they would. But we went ahead and stopped that didn't we.
  8. Yeah I think thats what the teachers had in mind when they gave him a stop sign :wink:
  9. There is no clearer signal of protest than a STOP sign.

    Schools can't handle bullies for shit.

    Parents should go straight to the police.
    "Sure our son is mentally disabled, but he has a sign to indicate real aversion to another individual's actions. We want them charged with assault."

    That said, why are no other students defending this kid? Gutless pooves.
  10. Fixed

    At our school, we are very proactive when it comes to bullying.
    Police and parents are called and if a parent refuses then they have to deal with other agencies.
    We take bullying very seriously.
  11. I remember when bullying was 1/3 of the reason why you went to school each day.
  12. ...or charged with running a STOP sign!
  13. ^this!
    Its just come back and bit us in the arse, hasn't it? All because overprotective, obnoxious, lentil eating parents of 15 years or so ago, started to equate their "precious" getting 6 of the best after being a little sh1t to child abuse and threatened the system with law suits etc.
  14. Because schools are NOT ALLOWED to deal with bullies like they used to be able to, they have to resort to giving their victims all the support they can, and this sign is this school's strategy to do that. Don't blame the school; even if they find and suspend the little swines that are giving this poor child a bad time, they will just be down at the mall, picking on someone else's child instead. And if they expel them, then they just become another school's problem.

    If you could deal with the bullies' PARENTS, then you might get somewhere.....

    smee's got the right idea, though, schools have got to stop protecting their reputations and bite the bullet, and call the Police.
  15. The biggest issue is that teachers are scared of students nowadays, not the other way round. For this reason kids can do whatever they want and are getting progessively less respectful and more smartarsed, and teachers can't even physically restrain them if they're beating into someone- with fear of being fired for making physical contact. Parents are also largely to blame, complaining about every little thing.

    Something needs to change, punishment for wrongdoings at schools these days is a joke. Something like the cane should be brought back. Maybe a cattle prod or similar too.
  16. That gets into the broader rights vs responsibilities debate, doesn't it?

    Once again, in the punishment area, though, we have seen the extreme minority bad experience with school discipline protracted out to a 'must not touch the child under any circumstances' rule. I don't know if Governments were always doing this, but it has become very noticeable in the last 30 years, and many of these over-reactions are having serious consequences, as in hoon laws, and gun laws and, as here, keeping childen safe at school.
  17. Back in the day when most of the old buggers on here were at school i'd say bullying wasn't a problem... troublesome kids got a belting by the teacher (and by parents if they found out) and there was no problems with youth discipline and respect for elders.

    Kids were also probably tougher and hardened to deal with the real world when they grew up because they had to deal with minor instances of this growing up.

    Sounds harsh?? Probably. True? I'd bet a fair portion of my wallet on it, but I stand here to be correct by those 40+ yo's

  18. You ARE right (school from 1956 - 1967). In my day you just took a dose of harden-up and found a different way to walk home from school. Although my parents knew what was happening, I don't think they registered a complaint with the school. I'm not sure what would have happened if they had done so ......
  19. you say it likes its rare... :LOL:
  20. This sensationalist knee jerk responsiveness does seem to be increasing at an alarming rate. I attribute this mostly to news being considered entertainment, with news being about marketting and unrelated to reporting any actual truth.

    On the other hand, BS journalism would be mostly uneffective if people were more discerning instead of swallowing so much of what TV and media craps out.